Learn Words through Word Groups/Clusters

What are Word Groups/Clusters?
Word groups/clusters are groups of words based on a common theme. The easiest way to build a group is by collecting synonyms for a particular word. The group of synonyms becomes a cluster which has one common meaning and for that one meaning, you have effectively learnt multiple words.
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What is the benefit of such an approach?
The benefit of such an approach is: you get to learn group of words with the help of a single meaning. In the language of sets, for one meaning entered into the storage area of your brain, you learn multiple words. This can be labeled as effective usage of memory and that is what we require, don't we? Also, the multiplicity of learning carries the bigger benefit of rapidly escalating your learning speed. You can learn a vast number of words in a very quick time.
Let's practice the skill of making groups:
In this series of articles, we explore two groups in every article. The two clusters will combine to teach you 20 to 40 words. The theme of a group is based on the common meaning for the words. The individual meanings of the distinct words are also provided with every group.
List of Word Groups
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