List of One Word Substitutions

One Word Substitutions form an essential part of vocabulary. As the name suggests, questions based on this concept ask you to replace a given sentence with an appropriate word. Such questions frequently feature in the verbal section of many competitive exams.
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In this series of articles, you will be acquainted with the concept of one word substitutions. You are presented with the list of most commonly asked one word substitutions. Each list contains 15-40 words/terms of a particular category. Learn the essential words and enhance your vocabulary.
List of One Word Substitutions – 1
Words for various fields of study
Phrase One Word
Printing using a stone or a metal plate with a completely smooth surface Lithography
Mapping of earth and its formation Geography
Art related to ornate, good handwriting Calligraphy
Scientific study of bodily diseases Pathology
Study of birds Ornithology
Study of celestial bodies Astronomy
Study of  collection of coins, tokens, paper money etc. Numismatics
Study of earth and rocks Geology
Study of election trends Psephology
Study of flying aero planes Aviation
Study of handwriting Graphology
Study of hereditary, genes and variation in living organisms Genetics
Study of human development Anthropology
Study of languages Philology
Study of living things Biology
Study of religion Theology
Study of science of insects Entomology
Study of sound and sound waves Acoustics
Study of the influence of planets and stars on human events Astrology
Study of the law of the flow of water and other liquids Hydraulics
Study of the relation between the organism and their environment Ecology
Study of various aspects of aging Gerontology
The science of time order Chronology
Study of religion Theology
The science of human development Anthropology
List of One Word Substitutions – 2
Words used for experts and people with various qualities, habits and abilities.
Phrase One Word
One with unlimited power Autocrat
One who walks on ropes Funambulist
An expert in writing by hand Chirographer
The doctor who attends to child delivery Obstetrician
The doctor who attends to corns in the feet and hands Chiropodist
The doctor who deals with the female reproductive system Gynecologist
The doctor who specializes in root canal and nerve treatment Endodontist
The doctor who straightens teeth Orthodontist
The doctor who treats bone problems Orthopedician
The doctor who treats eye diseases Ophthalmologist
The doctor who treats gums Peridontist
The doctor who treats heart problems Cardiologist
The doctor who treats skin diseases Dermatologist
One who is all powerful Omnipotent
One who is all knowing Omniscient
One who is present all over Omnipresent
One who can throw his voice Ventriloquist
One who talks while sleeping Somniloquist
One who takes part in dialogue or conversation Interlocutor
One who walks in sleep Somnambulist
One who walks at night Noctambulist
One who is violently against established beliefs and traditions Iconoclast
One who turns his thoughts inwards Introvert
One who turns his thoughts outwards Extrovert
One who is both inwards and outwards at times Ambivert
One who demands strict conformity to rules Martinet
One who believes in ruthless self-aggrandizement Egoist
One who doesn't consume alcohol Teetotaler
One who exhibits courage or fearlessness Intrepid
One who easily believes others Credulous
One who is capable of using both hands Ambidextrous
One who knows a lot about good food and wine Connoisseur
One who is beyond reform Incorrigible
Well known for bad qualities Notorious
Perfectly, highly skilled reached the zenith of art Consummate
A shrewish loud-mouthed female Virago
One who is extravagantly romantic, chivalrous and impractical Quixotic
List of One Word Substitutions – 3
Words used for various likes and dislikes.
Phrase One Word
One who is a boot licker, flatterer Sycophant
One who has keen interest in food and drinks Gourmet
Love for mankind Philanthropy
Someone who loves collecting books Bibliophile
One who loves and admires the British Anglophile
One who loves without seriousness Philanderer
Fondness towards women Philogyny
One who loves men Androphile
One who loves wisdom (hence pursues it) Philosopher
One who hates men Misandrist
Madness or obsession with males Andromania
One who hates women Misogynist
One who hates mankind Misanthropist
One who loves his country Patriot
Excessive love for one's country Super patriotism
One who hates marriage Misogamist
One who loves to speak Loquacious
Strong, deep dislike Antipathy
Simultaneously affected by similar feelings Sympathy
Mentally identifying oneself with other person or a thing Empathy
Something or someone makes you feel deep sadness or pity Pathetic
List of One Word Substitutions – 4
Words used for practices & beliefs related to religion, marriage and family.
Phrase One Word
Related to marriage Matrimony
One who believes in the presence of God Theist
One who doesn't believe in the presence of God Atheist
One who believes in the theory of only one God Monotheist
One who believes in many Gods Polytheist
One who believes that God is union of all forces of the universe Pantheist
Religious madness Theomania
Battle among the Gods Theomachy
Practicing only one marriage (having only one wife) Monogamy
Practicing two marriages (having two wives) Bigamy
Practice of several marriages (having many wives) Polygamy
Self-fertilization especially in plants Autogamy
Marriage within one's own tribe Endogamy
Marriage outside one's tribe Exogamy
Having several husbands Polyandry
People who have both male and female sexual organs Hermaphrodite
An inheritance from father Patrimony
A name framed after father's name Patronymic
Fatherhood Paternity
A father-like figure Patriarch
List of One Word Substitutions – 5
Words used for various systems of governance.
Phrase One Word
Government by one person (royal) Monarchy
Government by two agencies Diarchy
Government by a few powerful people Oligarchy
Government by military class Stratocracy
Government by divine guidance Theocracy
Government by departments of state Bureaucracy
Government by nobility Aristocracy
Government by wealthy Plutocracy
Government by the people Democracy
A system of governing a country suggesting a father-child relation Paternalism
Government by one absolutely Autocracy
Absence of government Anarchy
A system ruled or controlled by men Patriarchy
The rule or control of mother Matriarchy
Self-rule or control Autonomy
List of One Word Substitutions – 6
Words used for various kinds of killings and manias.
Phrase One Word
The killing of one's husband Mariticide
The killing of parents Parricide
The killing of a whole race Genocide
The killing of a new born child Infanticide
The killing of a king Regicide
The killing of a human being Homicide
The killing of oneself Suicide
The killing of a father Patricide
The killing of a mother Matricide
The killing of one's brother Fratricide
The killing of one's sister Sororicide
The killing of one's wife Uxoricide
Morbid compulsion to keep on consuming alcohol Dipsomania
Morbid compulsion to steal Kleptomania
Morbid compulsion to steal books Bibliokleptomania
Morbid compulsion to start a fire Pyromania
Morbid delusion of power, importance or godliness Megalomania
Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a woman Nymphomania
Morbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a man Satyromania
Person with one-track mind Monomania
Compulsion to tell lies Mythomania
Madness with obsession with something Mania
List of One Word Substitutions – 7
Words related to speech and written works.
Phrase One Word
Book containing all the published work of an author Omnibus
A written message from far off place Telegraph
Informal, less grammatically rigid language Colloquial
Talking around, a method of talking indirectly Circumlocution
Generous, forgiving talk Magniloquent
Expressive in the use of words Eloquent
High sounding pompous speech or writing Grandiloquent
A signature of a celebrity (signature of oneself) Autograph
Walk before hand or an introductory statement Preamble
Writing of one's life story Biography
Writing of one's own life story Autobiography
Written by light Photograph
Few words packed with meaning, concise Laconic
A speech to oneself, alone Soliloquy
List of One Word Substitutions – 8
Words related to specific type of things, events and places.
Phrase One Word
A place for sun to enter where one can sunbath Solarium
A glass container in which fish and other water animals can be kept Aquarium
A place for feet or speaker's platform Podium
The part of a theatre where people who are watching and listening sit Auditorium
An optical device for projecting various celestial images and effects     Planetarium
An establishment for the treatment of the chronically ill Sanatorium
A place where objects are exhibited Museum
Trees whose leaves fall every autumn Deciduous
That which falls upon, befalls, happens Incident
That which falls to someone or something Accident
That which falls on the western countries Occidental
The school or college one attends Alma Mater
A self-moving vehicle Automobile
A machine that functions by itself Automatic
A baby carriage Perambulator
A carriage for sick people Ambulance
List of One Word Substitutions – 9
Words used for various kinds of food eaters and eating habits.
Phrase One Word
Living on all Omnivorous
Living on fruits Frugivorous
One who eat only fruits Fruitarian
One who eats no animal flesh Vegetarian
One who feeds on human flesh Cannibal
One who enjoys food with a sensual pleasure Gourmand
One whose eating habit is repulsive Glutton
Living on flesh Carnivorous
Living on grass Herbivorous
Living on fish Piscivorous
One who eats all kinds of food Omnivorous
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List of One Word Substitutions – 10
Words related to certain actions, time and direction.
Phrase One Word
A backward look or a view into the past Retrospect
A forward look or a view into future Prospect
Examine one's motives or look inwards Introspect
To examine carefully Inspect
A doubtful look or examination of one's motives Suspect
Careful, cautious watch on surroundings Circumspect
To walk aimlessly Amble
When two things befall together Coincident
A thing occurring again and again for a long time Chronic
Someone or something out of time Anachronism
To send out of one's native country Expatriate
To walk around a place especially in a ritual fashion Circumambulate
A highly accurate timepiece Chronometer
Make to happen at the same time Synchronize
An instrument which records short intervals of time Chronograph
Capable of moving in all directions Omnidirectional
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