Word Groups - 12

Group 1: Words related to the sentiment of peace, calm and serenity
At times, we are simply in search of some form of peace or calm. In this theme, we explore a set of words that are based on the theme of peace, calm and serenity.
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Explore them here:
  • Serene: Calm, undisturbed, comfortable.
  • Tranquil: Quiet, peaceful, amicable.
  • Sedate: Characterized by dignity and propriety.
  • Solemn: Quiet, dignified, earnest.
  • Stable: Balanced, calm durable.
  • Placid: Calm, mild, easy-going.
  • Unagitated: Not physically disturbed or set in motion
Group 2: Words that are related to the sentiment of ending or finishing something
In this word group, we explore a set of words that signify the concluding parts of an event or occurrence. This theme is all about eliminating and ending something.
Explore this set of words:
  • Expunge: To destroy, obliterate, abolish.
  • Efface: Remove completely from recognition or memory.
  • Obliterate: To get rid of by destroying completely.
  • Abrogate: To eliminate completely.
  • Extinguish: Douse, quench, and smother.
  • Eradicate: Destroy, remove, abolish.
  • Dispose of: Throwaway, destroy, discard.
The two clusters above showcase how the method of cluster formation can be used for expanding your word-power. Use this method and your vocabulary database will surely grow exponentially.
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