Word Groups - 24

Group 1: Words that suggest inclination or liking towards something
 In this group, we explore words that suggest a liking or inclination towards something. You can also try to identify one of these words with your own preferences and see which ones you can use. This would be a good usage exercise.
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Go through the set of words here:
  • Disposition: An attitude of the mind, especially one that favors one alternative over others.
  • Affinity: A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship.
  • Proclivity: A natural propensity or inclination.
  • Predilection: A partiality or disposition in favor of something; a preference.
  • Affections: A positive feeling of liking.
  • Partiality: A predisposition to like something.
  • Penchant: A strong liking.
Group 2: Words used to indicate pain relief or a calming effect 
In this cluster, we explore a set of words that talk about a calming or soothing effect.
Explore the set of words here:
  • Painkilling: Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Opiate: Something that dulls the senses and induces relaxation or torpor.
  • Analgesic: A medication that reduces or eliminates pain.
  • Palliative: Remedy that alleviates pain without curing.
  • Sedative: Having a soothing, calming, or tranquilizing effect.
  • Anodyne: Capable of soothing or eliminating pain.
  • Soporific: A drug that induces sleep.
The two clusters above showcase how the method of cluster formation can be used for expanding your word-power. Use this method and your vocabulary database will surely grow exponentially.
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