Word Groups - 44

Group: Words based on liking or fondness

The root 'phile' as a prefix or a suffix, refers to the one that loves, likes, or is attracted to. Thus, all the words would be related to this meaning. Dig into this list of words here:

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  • Anglophilia - love or fondness for England or the English. The word is formed by using 'Anglo' for English and 'philia' for fondness.
  • Astrophile - person interested in astronomy.
  • Bibliophile - A bibliophile is someone who loves reading books and in most cases loves collecting books too.
  • Foodophile - A foodophile is a person who is really fond of eating or loves to eat.
  • Logophile - a lover of words.
  • Necrophile - A necrophile is a person who feels an attractive pull towards dead bodies.
  • Paedophile - A paedophile is a person who gets sexually attracted towards children.
  • Philalethist - lover of truth.
  • Philanthropy - Love for mankind.
  • Philogyny - love of women.
  • Philomath - lover of learning.
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  • Philosophy - Love for wisdom.
  • Philotherianism - love of animals.
  • Theophile - one who loves or is loved by God. This term is mainly used for those people who believe in God and pray regularly.
  • Xenophilia - love of foreigners
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