Word Groups - 11

Group 1: Words related to the sentiment of being tired or bored
We all get tired, bored or uninterested at some point of time. This tiredness or boredom is induced generally by someone or something. In this cluster, we explore a handy set of words related to this sentiment. Based on their exact meaning, you can use them in a variety of contexts.
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  • Languidness: Lacking spirit or liveliness.
  • Lassitude: Lethargy, tiredness of body from strain, oppressive climate etc.
  • Tedium: The feeling of being bored by something tedious
  • Inertia: Apathy, laziness, passivity.
  • Indifference: Absence of feeling, interest.
  • Supineness: Offering no resistance
  • Sloth: Laziness, idleness
  • Indolence: Sloth, idleness
Group 2: Words that are related in some to the sentiment of asking for something
There are a number of ways in which different people ask for different things. Some ask directly, others are persistent with their requests and some nag other people to the point of submission. In this cluster, we explore a set of words for these precise situations. Upon reading these words, you will be able to easily identify words with particular people and character types.
Go through the list here:
  • Implore: Call upon in supplication; entreat.
  • Importune: To appeal, demand, insist.
  • Badger: To nag, bother, torment.
  • Beleaguer: To harass, besiege, annoy.
  • Pester: Bother, harass, annoy.
  • Solicit: To ask for humbly or earnestly, as by praying.
  • Blandish: Allure, beguile, flatter.
  • Importune: Demand, appeal, badger.
  • Plague: Nag, bother, annoy.
  • Wheedle: Talk into, cajole, blandish.
The two clusters above showcase how the method of cluster formation can be used for expanding your word-power. Use this method and your vocabulary database will surely grow exponentially.
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