List of Confusing Words: Meanings explained with Examples

English language has a lot of confusing words. It is possible that they may look alike, sound alike or, worst of all, look and sound alike but have completely different meanings.
Look at the following sentence: You need to finish a bowlful of desert in 1 minute.
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Well, nobody on the earth can finish a bowlful of desert in one minute. Can you put a desert in a bowl? As in the Sahara desert or the Kutch desert in a bowl?
Similarly there are mistakes in the usage of other words like: metal (instead of mettle), all together (instead of altogether), except (instead of accept) and effluent (instead of affluent).
In this series of articles, we will discuss some of the most commonly confused words along with their correct usage. Each article consists of 10-15 pairs or sets of words. These pairs contain words that have similarities in spelling and pronunciation. The articles in this series explain the difference in usage for the words in these pairs and also highlight usage for these words.
List of Confusing Words
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