Word Groups - 28

Group 1: Words used to describe things which are misleading or deceptive
In this group we deal with words used to describe things which are misleading or deceptive.
You can go through the words here:
  • Illusory: Based on or having the nature of an illusion
  • Fallacious: Intended to deceive
  • Entice: To lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure; inveigle.
  • Apocryphal: Of doubtful sanction; fictitious, fake.
  • Chimeric: Unreal; imaginary; visionary.
  • Deluding: To mislead the mind or judgment of; deceive.
  • Spurious: Not genuine, authentic, or true.
  • Phony: Not real or genuine; fake; counterfeit.
Group 2: Words that reflect mental sharpness
In this cluster, explore words that reflect mental sharpness. All the words in this cluster have a positive connotation.
Go through the words here:
  • Adroit: Skillful
  • Intuitive: Spontaneously derived from or prompted by a natural tendency.
  • Sagacious: having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense.
  • Erudite: Possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding.
  • Ingenious: Characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction.
The two clusters above showcase how the method of cluster formation can be used for expanding your word-power. Use this method and your vocabulary database will surely grow exponentially.