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(Working hours: MON-SUN 9:30 am to 6:30 pm)
(Working hours: MON-SUN 9:30 am to 6:30 pm)

Session Plan

Your roadmap to success: structured sessions curated to help you take the first step towards your dream career.

Monika Bansal

Fri, 02nd June 2023 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

CAT Quant: Manageable or Tough

Session Details

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mathematical concepts that you need to learn to ace the Quantitative Aptitude section? Don't worry, because this session will provide you with a roadmap to navigate the Quant section like a pro!

We'll take you on a fascinating journey through the world of numbers, ratios, and percentages, providing you with the necessary tools and techniques to solve even the most complex mathematical problems.

By the end of this session, you will have gained valuable insights into the level of difficulty of the Quantitative Aptitude section and will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle it confidently.

Join us!

Faculty Profile

A highly experienced and sought-after faculty of Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. With over 6 years of teaching experience, Monika has become known as a "Quant Sage" for her exceptional mastery of quantitative concepts and her ability to guide students towards success in their exams. Her adaptability, empathy, and patience are standout qualities that set her apart from others in her field and have made her a highly in-demand mentor. Students can count on Monika to provide personalized attention and expert guidance as they work towards their academic and professional goals.

K J S Khurana

Sat, 03th June 2023 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

CAT – Approaches to Crack CAT

Session Details


Q1. Why some people are good at maths?

Q2. What are different shortcuts to crack quant section?

Q3. Why people keep on writing CAT year and again and are not able to increase their percentile?

Q4. What is the single trick/ approach that can increase your percentile from 50 to 90 in same knowledge/ preparation?

Q5. What are the approaches that can take you to 99.99 percentile?

Q6. What are different trends and patterns that are repeated year and again?

Q7. What are do s and don’t for cat journey?

Q8. What was the secret of last year cat topper?

And lot of others what’s and why‘s !

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Faculty Profile

A renowned author of the best seller "Maths 30 days wonder” by S Chand publications, is the first choice of toppers and is recommended by more than 30 career websites and in the field of education for more than 25 years. He has mentored hundreds of entrants in elite business schools and other Government jobs.

Rajeev Markanday

Wed, 07th June 2023 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

CAT Verbal - RC & SR

Session Details

(16/24 = 66.66) – Own it & a seat in your dream college will be yours…

Same as if you own 66.66% equity, the company is yours So, if you take care of 66,66 % of verbal component, you will scoreexcellent in this section

Is it true?

YES, the weightage of RCs is 66.66% in CAT

Know how to understand RCs well & Master skills to increase accuracy & tricks to handle different types of questions & passages with Hitbullseye experts Our tips will answer all your queries & doubts

See you soon!!

Faculty Profile

Rajeev Markanday is a highly respected and accomplished teacher with years of experience in teaching students from top-tier institutions such as IITs and NITs, Rajeev has become a trusted name in the field of education. As a co-author of various books on competitive exams for "S. Chand Publications," including the best-selling "Maths 18 Days Wonder" and "English 18 Days Wonder," Rajeev has helped countless students achieve success in their exams. He is known for his engaging and energetic teaching style, which is complemented by his great sense of humor and ability to connect with students. Rajeev's wit and charm make his classes both informative and enjoyable, and he has a proven track record of inspiring and motivating students to achieve their full potential.

Harinder Singh

Thu, 08th June 2023 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

CAT Data – 90%ile Reality Check

Session Details

Unlock the secrets to scoring 90%ile in CAT's DI section! Explore the significance of this crucial section, decode the trends and patterns of the last year's exam, and demystify the complexities of DI. Learn the art of selecting blocks and attempting them ideally to ensure a 90+ percentile. Discover essential DO'S and DON'TS for DI preparation and master this challenging section like a pro!

Faculty Profile

A born teacher with an exceptional flair for fast calculations, he is immensely popular with the students. With more than a decade of successful teaching experience behind him, he has valuable words of wisdom for serious aspirants. Committed to providing students with the necessary tools to achieve their goals and instilling the love of learning in them, his sessions are definitely a treat! an educator for over a decade.

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