Basic Word List – 23

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level-1: Let’s get warmed up
Adopt: To choose or take as one's own
He decided to adopt a more radical approach to the problem.
Faulty: Imperfect
For safety reason, faulty wires should be replaced without delay.
Generally: Ordinarily
Generally Americans are adventurous as compared to us.
Indeterminable: Not able to determine
The concept of “infinity” was created with a view of representing indeterminable quantities in mathematics. 
Predict: To tell before
Even a fool can predict what will happen to a person falling from the 90th floor of a high-rise building.
Recover: To get back, to regain health
Rangeen was slowly recovering from his neck pain problem after the surgery.
Sensible: Wise
A wise and sensible course of action in this case would be to approach the college principal.
Level-2: Let’s take it up a notch
Chronic: Habitual
He has acquired this irritability only very recently, it is not at all a chronic condition.
Delusion: A false belief
He was beginning to drink more under the delusion that he had somehow become immune to it.
Deprive: Keep from
Deprived of his cash and belongings by the robbers, he was left wondering what to do next.
Divulge: To make known
Due to threat from the competitors, the company is not openly divulging the technical details of the product.
Extortion: The practice of obtaining by violence or compulsion.
Extortion breeds violence in society.
Futile: Useless, hopeless, ineffectual
Expecting honesty from today’s politicians is a futile hope. Can you find water in a desert?
Hone: To sharpen
Extensive training and hands-on learning will go a long way in honing your yet-unrefined management skills.
Horde: Mob
A horde of journalists ran towards the minister the moment he came out of the meeting.   
Idolatry: Idol worship
Guru Nanak Dev and almost all other medieval Bhakti saints strongly condemned idolatry, which was a widely prevalent practice in Hinduism those days.
Infallible: Never wrong
A human being who claims to be infallible, will probably never learn anything in life because committing a mistake and learning from it is the essence of human life.
Monumental: Very large
Einstein's contribution to physics, though not as monumental as Newton's, is nevertheless very significant and will be remembered for eternity.
Reserved: Quiet
The court has reserved its orders on the case till 31st of May, therefore, you can come to know of it only thereafter.
Level-3: Time to be a master
Antipathy: Opposition in feeling, aversion or dislike
He has such a strong antipathy towards drinking that he cannot even stand the sight of someone doing it.
Covert: Hidden
He searched through his mind for some clue she had given him, some covert signal.
Denigrate: Blacken
Funky Pan Day told the journalist that the media was playing up the allegations against him only to denigrate his standing in the film industry.
Derelict: Negligent
He was found derelict in performing duties, due to which the firm suffered huge losses.
Discerning: Mentally quick and observant, having insight
The fake Lux has been made so close to the genuine that only a very discerning person can tell the difference between the two.
Eulogy: An oration praising someone or something
For several years, the imbecile ruler had done nothing but heard eulogies about him written by his favour-seeking court poets.
Exuberant: High spirited
Exuberant after winning the contest with a decisive margin, he decided to throw a grand party to celebrate his victory.
Folly: Foolishness
Aamir realized the folly of his irresponsible actions, but then it was too late.
Foresee: To discern beforehand
A good manager can foresee the weak points in his plan.
Penitence: Sorrow for sin with desire to rectify
After lying about her part in the robbery, the girl was penitent and paid back every penny
Petulant: Irritable
A person having petulant manners is a strict no-no for a receptionist's job.
Plausible: Perhaps true
Darwin's theory, in combination with some other theories, does offer a plausible explanation for the phenomenon of human evolution, but is yet to gain universal acceptance as a kind of law.
Predilection: A disposition in favor of something, preference
Considering his predilection for writing since school days, it is no surprise that a lyricist’s career should appeal him to a great extent.
Ravenous: Eager, hungry
He has such a ravenous appetite for movies that he averages around 15-20 movies a week.
Renounce: To give up
Guru Nanak Dev Ji never advised anybody to renounce the world in search of God or Truth and go to jungles.
Scattering: Dispersing
CV Raman, who had researched optics, explained many phenomena in terms of scattering of light upon entering the atmosphere.
Secluded: Isolated
 In olden times, patients with infectious diseases used to be kept in secluded places to prevent the passing on of their disease to others.
Skepticism: A doubting attitude
Doubting a stranger’s good intentions is certainly fine, but this skepticism for a tried and tested person is beyond my understanding.
Sloven: Untidy
A slovenly lady, probably not bathed for months together, with uncombed hair and tatters in the name of clothes, sat by the lakeside.
Virile: Manly
A wholesome diet, regular exercise and absence of any tensions are the secrets of his still virile health at this ripe old age.
Voracious: Greedy
Ever since childhood, she has a voracious appetite for books, so much so that she has practically devoured the whole public library.
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