Basic Word List – 9

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level-1: Let’s get warmed up
Fallacy: A belief or argument deceptive in appearance or meaning
The fallacy of their assumptions regarding the success of this project has landed them in the mess they are facing now.
Foremost: First
The foremost requirement for a radio compere’s job is a pleasant voice, coupled with the ability to modulate it suitably according to situational demands.
Guise: Appearance
The ancient kings used to visit their kingdom in the guise of a common man to learn about the problems being faced by their subjects.
Neutralize: To make ineffective, nullify
The anti-poison given by the doctor to the patient was meant to neutralize the effect of the snake-bite on the patient.
Permanent: Long lasting
Such ad hoc measures will not lead to any lasting peace in the valley, we must try to do something which ensures permanent peace in the once-beautiful "Home of Gods".
Prominent: Widely known
Subhash Bose and JL Nehru were two prominent proponents of the concept of complete freedom when the rest were talking of limited self-rule.
Remedy: To right a wrong
The announcement of an extraordinary budgetary allocation for the North-East states was done with a view to remedying the prevailing imbalance.
Fallacy: A belief or argument deceptive in appearance or meaning
The fallacy of their assumptions regarding the success of this project has landed them in the mess they are facing now.
Level-2: Let’s take it up a notch
Ambiguity: Unclear or doubtful in meaning
The ambiguity in her statement itself was the reason that every newspaper had interpreted it in a different manner and had led to great confusion.
Amiable: Agreeable
The amiable anchorperson was successful in creating a family-like atmosphere because of his friendly and courteous manners.
Anguish: Agony
The anguish over the separation from her boyfriend was only temporary; she forgot all the pain and sorrow within a few months.
Astute: Wise, shrewd
The Ambanis, being astute businessmen, know how to spot and make use of good business opportunities.
Calamity: Disaster
The Godhra killings are not only a big calamity for all those concerned, but also are a blot on our so-called secular face.
Cessation: Stopping
The cessation of the war between the PLO and Israel has been brought about by the US pressure and not because of any agreement between the warring parties.
Commodious: Roomy
The auditorium is so commodious that you can accommodate even 5000 people, while you expect a total strength of just 2000 for the seminar.
Fortuitous: Lucky
A fortuitous meeting with a holy man in Hardwar changed his life forever and he became a thoroughly spiritual man.
Imminent: About to happen, impending
The fall of the company was imminent as such; the new CEO was simply made a scapegoat to explain away the failure.
Inevitable: Certain to happen, ineluctable, imminent, inescapable, unavoidable
The fall of the government was inevitable once it had lost majority in the House. 
Intermittent: Periodic
Such intermittent displays of patriotism at times of crises are what give us faith in the inherent goodness of the Indians.
Menace: To show an intent to harm
The AIDS menace is hovering over the Asian and African countries like a Damocle’s sword.
Pervasive: Spread throughout
The all-pervasive problem of slums in Indian metros requires a thoughtful policy and sincere implementation for its removal.
Stalwart: Unyielding
That the current public mood is strongly against the BJP is proved by the electoral defeats of some of the party stalwarts like SikandarBakht, LK Advani and AB Vajapyee. 
Stringent: Strict
The committee feels that it has not been able to find a suitable candidate because the conditions prescribed are too stringent and they feel that they should be relaxed if we have to fill the post.
Level-3: Time to be a master
Admonish: Warn, reprove
The admonishment they got from the warden for creating uproar in the hostel mess was enough to “tighten” their loose screws.
Ambivalence: Lack of clarity, ambiguity
Such ambivalence of the party over an important national issue is confusing; it must come out with a clear-cut stand on the matter.
Anachronism: Something or someone misplaced in time
Someone justifying or promoting the cursed practice of sati will be taking the society back to medieval times and will certainly be an anachronism in these modern, progressive times.
Aplomb: Poise, composure
The great aplomb with which Sonia Gandhi braved the tragedy of her husband's death belied her inner turmoil.
Assiduous: Diligent
The assiduous hard work put in by the director is obvious in each frame of the movie, it appears as if there could be no better way of presenting it.
Catastrophe: A great, often sudden calamity
The flood was a catastrophe.
Chaste: Pure
Such a chaste soul and such a wayward son! Destiny has strange things in store for us.
Decrement: Waste, decrease
The decrement in the number of people purchasing rations from the fair-price shops is not an indication that people have suddenly become rich, rather it points to unavailability of rations and loss of faith in the system.
Fervor: Glowing ardor, intensity of felling
The fervour with which Joshila has been participating in all these activities strongly suggests that he is very much in love with this new idea.
Fetter: To bind
The fetters of superstition and ignorance keep us Indians from progressing further in today's atmosphere.
Grubby: Dirty
The beggar’s grubby clothes suggested that neither had he changed nor had he had a bath.
Mettlesome: Full of vigor and stamina, spirited
Such politically incorrect but economically sensible decisions require great courage and I hardly find anybody mettlesome enough to take such risks.
Penchant: Strong inclination, liking
The Bollywood film-makers have great penchant for including “ZindaJalaaDoonga”, “Tukde-TukdeKarKe.” type of front bencher-targetted dialogues in their movies.
Pious: Devout
The government has been quite swift in declaring Amritsar a holy city, but it remains to be seen if the pious status of the city can be maintained.
Pristine: Characteristic of earlier times, primitive unspoiled
The beauty of the once-pristine Himalayas has been spoilt by the mountaineering teams, which leave tonnes of garbage and other litter every time they trek.
Renegade: Deserter
The army has decided to take back all those renegade soldiers who had deserted it in the wake of Operation Blue Star.
Skeptic: Doubter
Such skeptics are always bound to doubt the truth of even the most genuine schemes meant to help the poor people.
Sleazy: Cheap
Such magazines survive on carrying sleazy articles and photos peeping into the private lives of film-stars.
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