Basic Word List – 2

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level 1: Let’s get warmed up
Aggregate: Gather, accumulate
In polymerization, many identical molecules aggregate in groups and get joined by chemical bonds sometimes leading to chains of hundreds and even thousands of molecules.
Alienate: To force separation
The hastily patched up coalition of 18 parties at the center is finding the going tough mainly because Vajpyee has to keep all of them in good humour, taking care not to alienate any of them.
Bizarre: Grotesque
Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and it is amply proved by the many bizarre incidents that keep on getting reported in the media every day.
Feasible: Likely
Before the Planning Commission puts the plan into effect on a countrywide scale, it will conduct a feasibility study by implementing it in some selected villages to assess its effectiveness.
Harass: To trouble with importunities, cares, or annoyances
The landlord harassed the tenants despite rent being paid on time
Hilarious: Funny
I split my sides watching the first episode of the hilarious comedy.
Hinder: To obstruct
The travelers were hindered by storms.
Historic: Famous in history
The start of the process of economic reforms and liberalization was a historic event in India's economic history. 
Illegible: Not readable
Your answer sheet is so illegible that even an expert examiner cannot read it properly.
Scarcity: Insufficiency of supply for needs or ordinary demands
There is a lot of water scarcity in my locality.
Level 2: Let’s take it up a notch
Bereave: To deprive of
Bereft of all his belongings and money by the robbers, the traveller simply wondered how he would do without even a single penny in his pocket.
Bestow: To give
 Mother Earth has bestowed so many gifts on all her children alike, irrespective of any bias.
Ferocious: Savage
This sanctuary is home to many ferocious animals like the lion, the leopard and the hyena, which if provoked even a little, will simply pounce on you and cut you into pieces.
Foretell: To predict
A good astrologer can clearly foretell future events.
Gratification: Satisfaction
Eating good chocolate gives me a sense of intense gratification.
Illicit: Not legal
The illicit distillation of country liquor has been going on in this border village for the past many years.
Intrusion: The act of entering without warrant or invitation; encroachment
Intrusion prevention measures are required, corresponding to the state of the art for web applications.
Knickknack: A small article, more for ornament that use.
What are those on your shelf? Oh, those are my knick knacks and collectibles.
Liquidate: Settle an account
1. The clauses on liquidation of a company clearly state that the company, before shutting shop, must repay the loans first and thereafter repay other liabilities.
2. “You won’t be able to liquidate us, if you kill one, hundred more will come to fight you”, was the proud Sikh chief’s response to the rival army.
Pretext: Excuse
The leaders used the insults as a pretext to declare war.
Primate: a monkey
The Primate Research Centre at the university department of zoology has suffered great decline in research output ever since the use of monkeys and other similar animals in research was banned by the environment ministry.
Primitive: Crude and simple
Computers have continuously evolved from their primitive beginnings as slow, mechanical and hand-driven machines to the modern -day superfast, intelligent and talking gizmos.
Reconcile: To settle a quarrel
In many communities, the elderly are called upon to bring about reconciliation between the warring parties.
Tenacity: The quality of adherence or persistence to something valued
During preparation for any competitive test, there are moments of self-doubt and depression, tenacious students are the ones who succeed finally.
Level 3: Time to be a master
Abrogate: To cancel
The previous orders have been abrogated as the court had found them to be in violation of natural justice and fairness.
Alacrity: Cheerful promptness, eagerness
A lazy man like Sust Nath and such alacrity in replying to your letter! I cannot simply believe it.
Allegiance: Loyalty
The Governor has asked for a list from Mulayam Singh of all those party MLAs who owe allegiance to him.
Blasphemy: Irreverent, profanity
Speaking out against such a widely-esteemed personality like Mother Teresa amounts to an act of blasphemy. 
Convoluted: Coiled around, involved, intricate
The convoluted, winding, plant leaf-like carvings on the walls of the Taj Mahal, are in fact, ayats from the holy Quran. 
Disseminate: Distribute, spread, scatter (like seeds)
Guru Nanak's ideas quickly disseminated across the whole world in no time due to the dedicated efforts of his followers everywhere.
Egregious: Outstandingly bad, flagrant, outrageous
The fluorescent yellow suit made him egregiously visible among all the group members. 
Emollient: Something that softens or soothes
He applied emollients on her cracked soles, so as to relieve her pain during walking.
Firmament: Sky
On a clear might, the stars on the firmament look like glittering pieces of diamond studded on dark cloth.
Gratuitous: Free
"There is nothing like a free lunch in the world"-- this American saying very aptly illustrates the point that nothing comes gratuitously in this world.
Harangue: A long pompous speech, tirade
The opposition chief launched into a harangue over the rise in tax rates as soon as the members had settled in their seats.
Malediction: A curse
The maledictions you hurled at him may not bring him a bad future, but will certainly create a new enemy for you.
Ogre: Hideous man
The man painted by him is more of an ogre: teeth protruding out of an abnormally large mouth, knee-long hair, scary eyes and large,  curved hooves on the head – enough to scare anybody.
Plagiarize: To steal ideas
Most of Anu Malik's tunes have been plagiarized from other well-known songs in the name of getting inspiration.
Vociferous: Noisy
Their vociferous cries were enough to wake up the whole colony from its sleep.
Wearisome: Fatiguing
The typist’s job is really wearisome as she keeps sitting in one posture for hours.
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