Basic Word List – 16

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level-1: Let’s get warmed up
Adapt: Adjust, familiarize
They adapted themselves to the change quickly.
Elapse: To quietly terminate: said of time.
Time elapse never returns.
Exemplify: To show by example
What makes this book doubly helpful is that the author quotes several well-thought out case studies to exemplify the application of these management principles in real-life situations.
Facilitate: To make easier
To facilitate the accounting work and its efficiency, the bank has decided to install several computers.
Fundamental: Basic
Winning in a sport is quite important, no doubt, but much more fundamental is a spirit of participation and a killing spirit to fight, which we lack.
Modify: to change
To be made applicable to the changed economic scenario, the policy needs to be modified suitably.
Pirate: To reproduce without authorization
We are not at all interested in buying the pirated version of this highly successful music album.
Level-2: Let’s take it up a notch
Averse: Opposed
Though I do not like the idea in totality, yet I am not averse to a discussion on it in detail to iron out the finer points.
Considerate: Compassionate, sympathetic, thoughtful
The superstar is reputed to have a very considerate attitude towards newcomers; in all likelihood you will get some help from him.
Contention: Claim,  thesis
You may believe what she says, but my contention remains that unless we thoroughly examine the entire records, we cannot deduce any reliable conclusion.
Empirical: Based on experience
Though most people believe that familiarity with a person induces liking for him or her, there are no relevant empirical studies to support this widely shared notion regarding human behaviour.
Eradicate: Totally destroy
The WHO has started a worldwide campaign to eradicate polio from the entire world by 2004.
Estrange: Alienate
Though Savi Jiddu was trying to bring back his estranged wife from his in-laws' place, his mother-in-law was insistent on keeping her.
Exaggerate: To overstate
There is no need to exaggerate or understate your achievements, just be yourself.
Exponent: A representative
Ustad Balla Chalkha Khan is one of the most famous living exponents of the dying art of the Jaltarang.
Inedible: Not good for food
They complained of being given food which was inedible.
Misery: Distress
Those used to the luxuries of the city life can never think of the miseries besetting rural life.
Paucity: Scarcity
There is no paucity of hard-working, innovative and committed scientists in India.
Raze: To destroy
The WTC was razed to the ground when two airplanes hijacked by the Taliban hit it, causing it to catch fire.
Reimburse: To repay
You need not worry on this count, you just spend the money, the office is certainly going to reimburse every cost you incur in this important matter.
Remuneration: Compensation
They work in excess of their contracted hours for no additional remuneration.
Level-3: Time to be a master
Capitulate: Give up
Upon being pestered unrelentingly by them, Shaukin Nath capitulated to their demand for an enquiry into the entire episode.
Demented: Insane
The wild, crazy way in which the old man behaved with others suggested that he had probably become demented and was a case fit for a psychiatrist.
Depreciate: Reduce in value
The vehicle had depreciated greatly ever since it was bought because of the great wear and tear it had undergone.
Disabuse: To set right
You must disabuse his misconceptions about the working of our organization.
Fatuous: Foolish, inane
We cannot rest on the fatuous assumption that the benefits of growth at higher levels will automatically flow down to the common people.
Frugality: Thrift, economy
Unless he exercises frugality in expenditure, he is likely to land in a financial disaster of his own making.
Heedless: Thoughtless
We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals
Ineluctable: Impossible to avoid, inevitable
Who can escape the ineluctable fate God has written for us all even before we came on this earth?
Inimitable: Not capable of being imitated
We never expected the young singer to match up to Jagjit Singh’s inimitable voice and singing style.
Mollify: Soothe
The visiting leader tried to mollify the angry tempers of the villagers by assuring them of immediate action against the erring policemen.
Propinquity: Closeness of relationship
We soon turned into fast friends because of our residential and occupational propinquity.
Remnant: Leftover
Though the commission records had been burnt in the all-consuming fire, yet some remnants were visible in the form of some un-burnt pieces of paper, which had survived the fire.
Repartee: Witty reply
To his innocent question "Do you like pop?, he had this funny repartee as a reply "Not mine".
Repel: To drive back
What really repels her from Anoop is his lack of seriousness and bad habits like smoking and drinking.
Resolute: Determined
Their resolute refusal to compromise forced us to call off the deal.
Reverberate: To echo
Though Mohammed Rafi is no more, our drawing rooms still reverberate with the sound of his melodious voice.  
Sporadic: Occurring irregularly
While it rained continuously last night, the day saw only sporadic spells of rains, interspersed with dry periods.
Transgress: To break a law
Transgression of law is a crime and will remain so, howsoever high or mighty you may be.
Volatile: Changeable
The volatile communal situation in Gujarat calls for extreme vigilance on the part of the police.
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