Basic Word List – 8

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level-1: Let’s get warmed up
Crux: Main point
The crux of the long-winding speech by the Chairman was that unless the company does something innovative and extraordinary, it would be difficult to survive after the next 2 years.
Dispassionate: Calm
Do not be emotionally charged over this thing; just try to think dispassionately over it and you will realize that you too had a role to play in this whole episode.
Encapsulate: Condense
The 2-month crash course is basically an encapsulated form of the 1-year regular programme.
Ethical: Moral
The candidate was in a great ethical dilemma when he heard the interviewer’s question: Who would you choose to save in a crisis situation: your mother or your wife?
Fluent: To speak easily
She, being a trained public speaker, is quite fluent with words and sentences and you will hardly find her struggling to choose the right expression to describe her feelings. 
Irrefutable: Cannot be disproved
The irrefutable statistical evidence proves beyond doubt that most of the poverty elimination programmes have been a big fraud.
Juncture: Point of joining
At this juncture, I cannot say anything for sure because the matter is still under investigation by the police.
Lenient: Not harsh
In view of the personal hardships faced by him, the Principal took a lenient view of his misconduct and let him off with a simple warning.
Level-2: Let’s take it up a notch
Enigma: A riddle
The death of the doctor still remains an enigma.
Forthright: With directness
Sherlock Holmes forthsight is appreciated by one & all.
Hypocrisy: Extreme insincerity
He accused newspapers of hypocrisy in their treatment of the story.
Imbecile: A very foolish person
The timid and imbecile smile of the clerk showed that he didn’t understand a word of what his superior said.
Infer: Conclude
On the basis of the information available till date, it is not possible to infer that the Brahmins’ insistence on rituals in ancient times was only due to monetary motives.
Knead: To press and work
The flour is kneaded into dough and subsequently made into chapattis.
Liberate: to free
The task of liberating our dear motherland from the clutches of the British empire took more than three centuries.
Meticulous: Excessively careful, painstaking, scrupulous
This fragile material requires meticulous packing and handling in order to be transported safely to its destination.
Myriad: Countless
Myriad animals such as fish, crab and shrimp live in sea water.
Placate: To appease, to pacify
Earlier, it could have been possible to pacify him, but if you ask me to placate him now, I would have to decline your request.
Sinister: Evil
The Home Minister claimed that the government had done everything possible to defeat the sinister designs of the terrorist from across the border.
Workmanship: The art or skill of a workman
 People thought he was a skilled worker though he lacked workmanship in that area.
Level-3: Time to be a master  
Cozen: To cheat
The poor girl was cozened of her hard-earned money by the smart salesman.
Forbearance: Patience
He cast aside his Christian forbearance and forgiveness when it came to the survival of his family.
Frugal: Thrifty
Her frugal consumption habits enabled her to survive on a paltry salary of Rs. 500/- a month.
Gregarious: Seeking and enjoying the company of others, sociable
Such a gregarious person can be found only in the company of friends, never alone.
Grimace: Show contempt
Public utterances apart, his strong dislike for visiting a slum was very clear from the grimace on his face as soon as the topic was broached.
Gusto: Keen enjoyment
I don't have the gusto to go on a strenuous hike right now.
Hegemony: Dominance
The final key to Europe’s world hegemony was her military superiority over other nations.
Hideous: Horrible
The hideous sight of mass killings was enough to scare even the very hard-hearted among us.
Indispensable: Absolutely necessary
If we want to embrace capitalism, we have to allow free competition in every area because the requirement of free competition is an indispensable part of the whole system of capitalism.
Irrational: Not possessed of reasoning powers or understanding.
They behaved in such a bizarre and irrational manner.
Nadir: Lowest point
The nadir in the Congress fortune was registered when the party gained only 3 seats in Punjab elections.
Obnoxious: Offensive
His obnoxious son is invariably at the heart of every trouble in the household
Obstinacy: Stubborn adherence to opinion, arising from conceit or the desire to have one's own way
His obstinacy to not to move led to accident. 
Odious: Offensive
Her odious remarks calling the PM a crazy, insane man, sent the entire house in a tizzy, with many members baying for her head.
Parsimonious: Stingy
He is extremely parsimonious with praise, even the most wonderful of musical shows will get only a "good" from him, given his seemingly high standards.
Pedagogy: The art, science, or profession of teaching
Pedagogy is not just delivering certain facts and skills in the class, rather a teacher’s much more important job is to create a love for the subject among students.
Rife: Plentiful
Bribery and corruption in the government services are rife in our country.
Sarcasm: A sneering remark
The sarcastic cartoons making fun of today’s politician seem to have hardly any impact on politicians or their ways of working.  
Unflappable: Calm
Anybody else in his place would have broken down completely under the burden of so many sufferings, but his unflappable attitude is simply amazing.
Voluble: Having great fluency in speaking
She is such a voluble speaker that people appreciate her for this quality of hers.
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