Basic Word List – 15

Vocabulary forms an essential part of every competitive exam. Here is a compilation of first 1000 words that must be prepared by SSC, MBA entrance, and government exam aspirants. Spread over 25 lists of 40 words, these lists offer you a chance to learn the most common English words.
Each word in each list is accompanied with its meaning and followed by a usage example. The words are categorized on three levels: Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Go through the word lists and enhance your vocabulary skills.
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Level-1: Let’s get warmed up
Concede: Give in
After about 3 days of game, Kasparov conceded to Vishwanathan Anand's mighty, intelligent moves.
Escalate: Increasing rapidly
Since diesel is used in goods transportation vehicles, a rise in its prices is bound to escalate the prices of all essential commodities. 
Esteem: Respect
Primarily because of his great experience, all his colleagues held him in considerable esteem.
Magnificent: Grand or majestic in appearance, quality, or action
The king lived in a magnificent palace.
Reconstruct: To make over
We cannot rely on hearsay, only an eyewitness to the whole incident can reconstruct accurately the chain of events leading upto this dangerous consequence.
Shelter: Protection
Undeterred by the rioting mobs, many do-gooders gave shelter and food to the minority community people, who were being targeted for attack by the rioters. 
Similar: Bearing resemblance to one another or to something else
The two women were strikingly similar in their appearance.
Tinge: To color slightly
Her otherwise chirpy voice was tinged with a sense of deep sorrow and grief over the tragic accident in which many of our colleagues had lost their lives.
Velocity: Rapid motion
The velocity of this bike varies all the time even though the acceleration is uniform.
Level-2: Let’s take it up a notch 
Compliant: Yielding, conforming to requirement
The new boss was not ready for any dissenting opinions from his subordinates and always wanted a compliant submission to his dictates.
Conceive: To think
I cannot conceive of a more suitable time apart from this one to begin our struggle when the government is already in trouble on many fronts.
Concentric: A common center
An onion bulb consists of concentric layers of circle- or ellipse like structures, fitted one above the other, revealing themselves as you go on peeling them.
Magnate: A person of rank or importance
The consulate officer commands respect being a magnate.
Majestic: Lofty
The snowclad Himalayas present a majestic sight, not to be missed by any avid mountain-lover.
Ponder: To think
If you care to ponder over the issue for a while, you will come to realize that the proposal has very far-reaching implications.
Subside: To sink to a lower level, to fall into a state of quite, abate
The angry tempers had subsided in the intervening period and now the two parties were ready to talk to each other to thrash out a solution to their problem.
Wholesome: Healthy
Most nutritionists do not consider fast-foods like pizza and noodles to be wholesome, therefore, they advise against them. 
Complicity: Partnership in wrong-doing
Since Bhoot Nath, being PA to the MD, is quite close to him, his complicity in the scandal cannot be ruled out.
Conceit: Think highly of oneself
The conceited young man, arrogant because of his father's official position, behaved in a very rude manner with his college friends.
Conception: An idea
The conception of mental illness, as opposed to physical disease, is quite recent and probably this explains why people still do not treat mental patients sympathetically.
Conciliatory: Reconciling, soothing
The conciliatory tone of his speech is a pointer to the fact that the party is now ready to compromise on this issue.
Level-3: Time to be a master
Erudite: Very learned, scholarly
The book, written in an erudite style, is specifically meant for a person who intends to have a deep knowledge of the subject.
Grindstone: A flat circular stone, used for sharpening tools
The grindstone called life transforms ordinary mortals into respectable personalities.
Grisly: Horrible
The grisly scene of the mass killings sent a chill down my spine.
Impassive: Revealing no emotion, expressionless, stolid
Face expressions are a very significant part of a dance performance; with such an impassive face, Sarla cannot expect to bag the Dancing Queen trophy. 
Impede: Hinder, block
The high degree of friction in the bearings impeded the movement of the newly developed vehicle; the maximum speed that could be achieved was only 30 km/h.
Insipid: Without taste or savor, lacking in spirit, dull
The otherwise insipid election speech of Lalu was made a bit interesting with his witty anecdotes and couplets in criticism of the opposition members.
Potent: Powerful
Potassium Cyanide is such a potent poison that ingesting even a speck of it can lead to a person's death. 
Pragmatic: Practical, as opposed to idealistic
Gappu is not just talking in air, in fact, what he says is quite a pragmatic course of action in contrast to the other impractical proposals.
Precedent: An earlier occurrence that may serve as an example or rule
Since such a request to grant maternity leave to an unmarried girl was received for the first time, there was no precedent upon which the officer could rely to deal with this peculiar case.
Precept: Law
Precepts may provide stringent penalties for such crimes, but ultimately the common man is concerned with their implementation in the real sense.
Sheepish: Shy
Upon seeing the wads of notes tumbling out of the bank locker and seeing no way to escape from the situation, Gravy Piddu sheepishly admitted that he had collected all the money through fraudulent transactions.
Subservient: Submissive
Since the new boss did not like sweet talk, he intensely disliked this subservient attitude of his personal secretary.
Timid: Afraid
The timid husband hid himself under the bed, and when the wife asked “why are you hiding?”, he replied sheepishly, “ My sweet will!  It’s my own house.”
Tirade: A long, angry, and often abusive speech
The Leader of the Opposition began her tirade against the Vajpayee government by leveling allegations of kickbacks in the procurement of substandard caskets by the Army for carrying the dead soldiers.
Utopia: Ideal land
‘Utopia’, the perfect, ideal land has been the dream of many ancient thinkers.
Vacillate: To waver indecisively between one course of action and another
Initially, he vacillated between the two equally attractive courses of action, but upon serious thought, decided to take the plunge in favour of the former.
Variegate: Diversify
The rich, variegated and highly sophisticated culture of our nation is threatened by cheap politics of various interest groups.
Witchcraft: Black magic
People accused the old lady of performing witchcraft on small children.
Wither: To shrivel from loss of moisture, to lose vitality or freshness
1. Most flowering plants have already withered due to excessive shortage of water this season.
2. Her singing talent withered under the combined onslaught of an indifferent husband, lack of stage opportunities in town and domestic responsibilities.
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