Latin Words in English - 3

  1. Persona Non Grata: Unacceptable or unwelcome person            
    Example:Once I was cut out of the will, I became persona non grata among my relatives.
  2. Post partum: After childbirth     
    Example: She was unconscious for an hour Post partum.
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  4. Post-mortem: Examination of a body after death; autopsy          
    Example: The post-mortem revealed that she had been murdered.
  5. Prima Facie: At first sight, clear and evident        
    Example: Although her husband implored, 'I can explain!' the sight of another woman wrapped in his arms was prima facie evidence that he was a deceitful lout.
  6. Prior: First, Primary, Priority       
    Example: Please make sure that you save all the information prior to closing the file.
  7. Pro and con: For and against      
    Example: Evaluate all the pros and cons that you may have in future if you take this step.
  8. Pro Bono: Done or donated without charge; free             
    Example: The lawyer's pro bono work gave him a sense of value that his work on behalf of the corporation could not.
  9. Pro rata: Proportional; proportionally    
    Example: The car rental charge is $50 per day and then pro rata for part of a day.
  10. Quid Pro Quo: Something for something; an equal exchange     
    Example: She vowed that when she had the means, she would return his favors quid pro quo.
  11. R.I.P. (Requiescat in pace): Rest in Peace             
    Example: The Mughal kings made big tombs to Requiescat in pace.
  12. Sine qua non: Indispensable element or condition          
    Example: Lemon is the sine qua non of this recipe.
  13. Sponsor: One who accepts responsibility for another     
    Example: She was looking for a sponsor for her charitable organisation.
  14. Status quo: The existing state or condition          
    Example: People with money are often content with their status quo.
  15. Sui Generis: Unique       
    Example: Adjusting her pirate's hat and fringed hula skirt, Zelda sashayed into the party, knowing her fashion statement was sui generis.
  1. Terminus: Boundary, Terminal, Interminable      
    Example: The bus line's last stop is its terminus.
  2. Terra firma: Solid Ground            
    Example: Columbus and his men set foot on terra firma after three weeks at sea.
  3. Terra incognita: Unknown territory        
    Example: When the conversation suddenly switched from contemporary fiction to medieval Albanian playwrights, he felt himself entering terra incognita.
  4. Trans: Across    
    Example: He came back, wondering, trans the rough stones until he stood beside the tall figure
  5. Ultra: Beyond   
    Example: Members of the country club think they lead an ultra-prestigious lifestyle.
  6. Veni, Vidi, Vici. : I came, I saw, I conquered         
    Example: After the takeover the business mogul gloated, 'veni, vidi, vici
  7. Verbatim: In exactly the same words     
    Example: I had to memorize the text verbatim.
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  9. Versus; vs.; v: Against   
    Example: What are the benefits of organic versus inorganic foods?
  10. Vice versa: The other way around           
    Example: My telephone serves me, and not vice versa.
  11. Vox populi: The voice of the people       
    Example: My sentiments echo those of the vox populi.
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