Confusing Words-23

Commonly Confused Words 
1. Heal, Heel & He'll
Heal means to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.
Usage example: Some wounds heal superficially but their pain never heals.
Heel is the back part of the human foot, below and behind the ankle.
Usage example: The guards click their heels at the time of change of guards.
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Heel also refers to a contemptibly dishonorable or irresponsible person.
Usage example: He behaved like a heel and left her standing at the station.
He'll is a contraction of he will.
Usage example: He'll definitely go to see the movie.
2. Heard & Herd
Heard means to perceive by the ear.
Usage example: No one has ever heard him complain about the problems in his life.
Herd means 
1. A number of animals kept, feeding, or traveling together; drove; flock.
Usage example: A herd of zebras crossed our jeep in the game park.
2. To conduct or drive (a group of people) to a destination.
Usage example: The cowherd shepherded the cows to the shed in the evening.
3. Hearsay & Heresy
Hearsay means unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one's direct knowledge.
Usage example: The Commission denied the use of hearsay evidence.
Heresy means an opinion or doctrine contrary to the orthodox tenets of a religious body or church.
Usage example: In the Orthodox Church, it was considered heresy to disagree with the church leaders.
4. Hence & Thence
Hence means:
1. from this time; from now.
Usage example: They were scheduled to leave for h their holidays a month hence.
2. From this place; from here; away.
Usage example: the hospital is just a mile hence.
3. from this world or from the living.
Usage example: Do not drive him hence without giving him a hearing.
Thence means:
1. from that place,
Usage example: He took her with him to Spain and thence to the Caribbean.
2. from that source.
Usage example: Thence the journey to our miseries started.
5. Heroin & Heroine
Heroin is a white odorless bitter-tasting crystalline powder related to morphine.
Usage example: A highly addictive narcotic, heroin is three times more potent than morphine.
Heroine refers to:
1. A woman idealized for possessing superior qualities.
Usage example: She became a true heroine when she saved the little girl from the wild dogs chasing her.
2. The main female character in a novel, play, film, etc.
Usage example: The heroine went from one set to the other daily.
6. Hew & Hue
Hew have the following meanings: 
1. To strike with cutting blows; cut.
Usage example: He hewed the planks of wood vigorously.
2. To shape or carve from a substance.
Usage example: He used a very fine chisel to hew the marble statue.
Hue has the following meanings: 
1. a shade of a color.
Usage example: Her face took on the hue of a ripe tomato.
2. Aspect; complexion.
Usage example: The argument took a different hue as time progressed.
7. Historic & Historical
Historic means well-known or important in history.
Usage example: The book contained many pictures of historic monuments.
Historical means based on or reconstructed from an event, custom, style, etc., in the past.
Usage example: he got engrossed in reading the historical stories of Raj.
8. Hoard & Horde
Hoard means an accumulated store hidden away for future use.
Usage example: The squirrels hoarded bits of cloth and wool for the severe winter.

Horde has the following meanings: 
1. A large group, multitude, number, etc.; a mass or crowd.
Usage example: A horde of tourists landed in the hill station during the summer months.
2. A moving pack or swarm of animals.
Usage example: A horde of flies landed in the eatables.
9. Hoarse & Horse
Hoarse means gratingly harsh or raucous in tone.
Usage example: His hoarse voice was audible amidst the crowd of roaring voices.
Horse means solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times.
Usage example: The elite were visible at the annual horse race.
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10. Hoes & Hose
Hoes are any of several kinds of long-handled hand implement equipped with a light blade and used to till the soil, eradicate weeds, etc. 
Usage example: Hoes and rakes were used to clean up the plants and grass.
Hose has the following meanings: 1. A flexible tube for conveying a liquid, as water, to a desired point.
Usage example: The hose was not long enough to reach the end of the garden.
2. A man's garment covering the legs and reaching up to the waist; worn with a doublet.
Usage example: Various colors of hose were found in his wardrobe.
3. Water with a hose.
Usage example: Summer time is fun time to hose the plants and get wet.
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