Confusing Words - 1

List of Confusing Words
  • Afflict and Inflict
    Afflict means give pain or grief to 
    Inflict means impose something unpleasant on
  • Allude and Elude
    Allude means refer to in an indirect way 
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    Elude means escape from, especially by cleverness
  • Blatant and Flagrant
    Blatant means glaringly obvious 
    Flagrant means openly outrageous and offensive
  • Bazaar and Bizarre
    Bazaar means a Middle Eastern Marketc 
    Bizarre means strange
  • Berth and Birth
    Berth means a bunk in a ship, train, etc. 
    Birth means the emergence of a baby from the womb
  • Born and Borne
    Born means having started life 
    Borne means to carry/transport
    Borne is the past particle of 'bear'
  • Complacent and Complaisant
    Complacent means self-satisfied 
    Complaisant means willing to please
  • Coarse and Course
    Coarse means rough 
    Course means a direction; a school subject; part of a meal
  • Desert and Dessert
    Desert means dry or lifeless region 
    Dessert means sweet food served after a main course
  • Dual and Duel
    Dual means having two parts 
    Duel means a fight or contest between two people
  • Envelop and Envelope
    Envelop means to cover or surround 
    Envelope means a paper container for a letter
  • Flaunt and Flout
    Flaunt means show off; boast; brandish 
    Flout means defy; disregard; spurn
  • Flounder and Founder
    Flounder means falter, struggle or make mistakes 
    Founder means sink; break down or fail
  • Lightening and Lightning
    Lightening means becoming less dark 
    Lightning means electrical discharge in the sky
  • Pour and Pore
    Pour means to flow or cause to flow 
    Pore means a tiny opening; to study something closely
  • Sceptic and Septic
    Sceptic means a person inclined to doubt 
    Septic means infected with bacteria
  • Tortuous and Torturous
    Tortuous means full of twists; complex 
    Torturous means full of pain or suffering
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  • Venal and Venial
    Venal means easily bribed; mercenary; corrupt 
    Venial means easily forgiven; pertaining to a minor sin
  • Yoke and Yolk
    Yoke means a wooden crosspiece for harnessing a pair of oxen 
    Yolk means the yellow centre of an egg
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