Vocabulary Practice Exercise: Antonyms

Directions for questions 1-2: Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word printed in bold.
1. While the reaction to major disasters is dismal, the response to emergencies like accidents is equally sad.
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a. Depressing
b. Upset
c. Competent
d. Smiling
2. Related to the current elevated energy prices, there has been a diversion of corn and edible to bio-fuels, which is significantly influenced by policy mandates.
a. Raised
b. Stabilized
c. Fallen
d. Slanted
Directions for questions 3-20: Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.
3. Routine
a. normal
b. irregular
c. actuate
d. abysmal
4. Truncate
a. pus
b. break
c. divide
d. extend
5. Accessible
a. free
b. recession
c. approachable
d. unapproachable
6. Unbar
a. joke
b. barrister
c. barricade
d. rally
7. Spur
a. hinder
b. obtuse
c. repel
d. bolster
8. Boorish
a. urbane
b. rude
c. course
d. boring
9. Cowardly
a. act
b. pretend
c. fool
d. intrepid
10. Brusque
a. curt
b. rude
c. short
d. pleasant
11. Console
a. equal
b. symmetric
c. torment
d. harmony
12. Ruffled
a. game
b. composed
c. patent
d. diluted
13. Defame
a. spoil
b. ruin
c. disrepute
d. praise
14. Unambiguous
a. certain
b. clear
c. questionable
d. definite
15. Unhinged
a. ventricle
b. insane
c. balanced
d. loose
16. Dote
a. fearless
b. intrepid
c. timid
d. criticize
17. Brittle
a. shapely
b. ploy
c. flex
d. supple
18. Evenhanded
a. fair
b. just
c. partial
d. equitable
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19. Casual
a. ponder
b. deliberate
c. imitate
d. pardon
20. Expert
a. novice
b. admonish
c. scold
d. condone
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