List of Kangaroo Words

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A kangaroo word is a word which contains letters of another word, in the same order and with the same meaning. For example: The word ‘acrid’ contains the word ‘acid’, which is a synonym of ‘acrid’; similarly, the word ‘accustomed’ contains its synonym ‘used’. Here, ‘acid’ and ‘used’ are called joey words (word contained in the kangaroo word).
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Learning kangaroo words is a great way to expand your vocabulary. In this series of articles, you will learn about some of the most commonly used kangaroo words. Each article consists of 20-40 pairs of words including the kangaroo word and the related joey word. The lists are arranged in the alphabetical order of words.
Kangaroo Words – 1
Kangaroo Words starting with A, B
Kangaroo word Joey word
aberrant errant
action act
admonish monish
adroitness adroit
affect act
allocate allot
alone one
amicable amiable
amicability amity
apposite apt
appropriate apt
arch arc
arena area
artifice art
artistry art
astound stun
balsam balm
banish ban
barren bare
barrier bar
barristers bar
because cause
blossom bloom
blotch blot
bombard bomb
breathe breath
burst bust
Kangaroo Words – 2
Kangaroo Words starting with C, D
Kangaroo word Joey word
calumnies lies
canister can
capable able
capsule case
cartoon cart
casket case
catacomb comb
cavern cave
chocolate cola
cleanser clean
clue cue
clump lump
community county, city
concede cede
concession cession
confederated con
container can, tin
contaminate taint
contradictory contrary
cooled cold
cozen con
curtail cut
daub dab
dazzle daze
debar bar
deceased dead
deception con
deliberate debate
departed dead
department arm
depository depot
desiderate desire
destruction ruin
deteriorate rot, die, riot
devilish evil
dice die (singular)
disappointed sad
dream REM
Kangaroo Words - 3
Kangaroo Words starting with E, F, G, H
Kangaroo word Joey word
effeminate effete
egotist egoist
encourage urge
enjoyment joy
equilateral equal
equitable equal
evacuate vacate
exists is
expurgate purge
fabrication fiction
façade face
factual actual
falsities lies
feast eat
feasted fed
felicitous fit
fraction ration
frangible frail
grandiose grand
gigantic giant
history story
honorable Noble
hostelry Hotel
hurries Hies
Kangaroo Words – 4
Kangaroo Words starting with I, J, L
Kangaroo word Joey word
intoxicate toxic
invaluable valuable
irateness ire
islet isle
isolated sole
ignorable noble
illuminated lit
imaginary airy
impair mar
impassive passive
impertinent pert
incapability inability
indolent idle
inflammable flammable
inheritor heir
insignia sign
instructor tutor
joviality joy
latest last
lighted lit
Kangaroo Words – 5
Kangaroo Words starting with M, N, O, P
Kangaroo word Joey word
municipality city
myself me
market mart
masculine male
matches mate
nourished nursed
obligated oblige
obnoxious noxious
observe see
omnibus bus
ornamented ornate
pantaloons pants
perambulate ramble
perimeter rim
plagiarist liar
platter plat
pinioned pinned
postured posed
practicable practical
prattle prate
precipitation rain
prematurely early
proffer offer
proportionate prorate
prosecute sue
perambulate amble
Kangaroo Words – 6 Kangaroo Words starting with Q, R, S
Kangaroo word Joey word
quintuplet quintet
quiescent quiet
rambunctious raucous
rampage rage
ransack sack
rapscallion rascal
ravaging raging
recline lie
respite rest
regulate rule
reticule retile
retrogress regress
revolution revolt
rotund round
salvage salve
satiate sate
satisfied sated
scion son
sculpt cut
separate part
slithered slid
signal sign
smidgen smidge
splinter splint
splotch spot
squash quash
strives tries
stocking stock
stumble tumble
substandard bad
supervisor superior
supremacist racist
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