List of Synonyms

If everything is expressed only by a single word in every situation, life would be boring. Luckily, we have synonyms to convey the same message in various ways. A number of competitive exams feature questions on vocabulary, especially on synonyms and antonyms.
Synonyms are the words that have the same or very similar meaning. In this series of articles, you will learn synonyms for commonly used words. Each article consists of a list of 15-20 words. Each word is accompanied by four synonyms. The lists are arranged in the alphabetical order of words.
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List of Synonyms – 1
Synonyms for words starting with A, B, C
Word Synonym-1 Synonym-2 Synonym-3 Synonym-4
Amazing Incredible Unbelievable Improbable Astonishing
Anger Enrage Infuriate Arouse Nettle
Angry Wrathful Furious Enraged Indignant
Answer Reply Respond Retort Acknowledge
Ask Question Inquire Query Interrogate
Awful Dreadful Terrible Abominable Unpleasant
Bad Depraved Rotten Contaminated Sinful
Beautiful Gorgeous Dazzling Splendid Magnificent
Begin Start Open Launch Initiate
Big Enormous Huge Immense Gigantic
Brave Courageous Fearless Dauntless Intrepid
Break Fracture Wreck Crash Demolish
Bright Sparkling Shimmering Radiant Vivid
Calm Quiet Peaceful Unruffled Tranquil
Come Approach Advance Near Arrive
Cool Chilly Cold Frosty Frigid
Crooked Bent Twisted Zigzag Hooked
Cry Weep Wail Sob Bawl
Cut Slice Carve Cleave Slit
List of Synonyms – 2
Synonyms for words starting with D, E, F
Word Synonym-1 Synonym-2 Synonym-3 Synonym-4
Dangerous Perilous Hazardous Risky Uncertain
Dark Shadowy Unlit Murky Gloomy
Decide Determine Settle Choose Resolve
Definite Certain Sure Positive Determined
Delicious Savory Delectable Appetizing Luscious
Describe Portray Characterize Picture Narrate
Destroy Ruin Demolish Raze Slay
Difference Disagreement Inequity Contrast Dissimilarity
Do Execute Enact Carry Out Finish
Dull Unimaginative Lifeless Tedious Tiresome
Eager Keen Fervent Enthusiastic Involved
End Stop Finish Terminate Conclude
Enjoy Appreciate Delight In Be Pleased Indulge In
Explain Elaborate Clarify Define Interpret
Fair Just Impartial Unbiased Objective
Fall Drop Descend Plunge Topple
False Fake Fraudulent Counterfeit Spurious
Fast Quick Rapid Hasty Swiftly
Fat Stout Corpulent Paunchy Plump
Fear Fright Dread Terror Alarm
Fly Soar Hover Flit Wing
Funny Humorous Amusing Droll Laughable
List of Synonyms – 3
Synonyms for words starting with G, H, I, K
Word Synonym-1 Synonym-2 Synonym-3 Synonym-4
Get Acquire Obtain Secure Procure
Go Recede Depart Fade Disappear
Good Excellent Apt Marvelous Qualified
Great Noteworthy Worthy Distinguished Remarkable
Gross Improper Rude Coarse Indecent
Happy Pleased Contented Satisfied Delighted
Hate Despise Loathe Detest Abhor
Have Acquire Gain Maintain Believe
Help Aid Assist Succor Encourage
Hide Conceal Camouflage Shroud Veil
Hurry Hasten Urge Accelerate Bustle
Hurt Damage Distress Afflict Pain
Idea Thought Concept Conception Notion
Important Necessary Vital Critical Indispensable
Interesting Fascinating Bright Intelligent Animated
Keep Hold Maintain Sustain Support
Kill Slay Execute Assassinate Abolish
List of Synonyms – 4
Synonyms for words starting with L, M, N, O, P
Word Synonym-1 Synonym-2 Synonym-3 Synonym-4
Lazy Indolent Slothful Idle Inactive
Little Dinky Puny Diminutive Miniature
Look Scrutinize Inspect Survey Study
Love Like Admire Esteem Fancy
Make Design Fabricate Manufacture Produce
Mark Impress Effect Trace Imprint
Mischievous Prankish Waggish Impish Sportive
Move Plod Go Creep Crawl
Neat Trim Dapper Natty Smart
New Novel Modern Current Recent
Old Aged Used Worn Dilapidated
Part Portion Section Fraction Fragment
Place Space Area Spot Plot
Plan Region Location Situation Position
Predicament Quandary Dilemma Plight Spot
Put Place Assign Keep Establish
List of Synonyms – 5
Synonyms for words starting with Q, R, S, T, U
Word Synonyms-1 Synonyms-2 Synonyms-3 Synonyms-4
Quiet Tranquil Peaceful Calm Restful
Right Correct Accurate Factual True
Run Race Sprint Dash Rush
Say/Tell Recount Narrate Explain Reveal
Scared Panicked Fearful Unnerved Insecure
Show Display Exhibit Present Note
Slow Unhurried Behind Tedious Slack
Stop Cease Halt Stay Pause
Story Tale Yarn Account Narrative
Strange Odd Peculiar Unusual Unfamiliar
Take Hold Catch Seize Grasp
Tell Disclose Reveal Show Expose
Think Consider Contemplate Reflect Mediate
Trouble Distress Anguish Anxiety Wretchedness
True Accurate Right Proper Precise
Ugly Horrible Unpleasant Monstrous Terrifying
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