List of Collective Nouns – 2

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Collective Nouns for Birds
  • A flight of birds/butterflies/cormorants/doves/goshawks/swallows 
  • A brace of ducks/grouse 
  • A dole of doves 
  • A flock of birds
  • A dropping of pigeons
  • A cast of falcons/hawks
  • A clutch of chicks
  • A company of parrots/widgeons
  • A conspiracy of ravens
  • A convocation of eagles
  • A cover of coots
  • A drumming of grouse
  • A dule of doves
  • A durante of toucans
  • An exaltation of larks
  • A fall of woodcocks
  • A covey of grouse/partridges/pheasants/ptarmigans/quail
  • A deceit of lapwings
  • A brood of chickens/hens/pheasants
  • A bouquet of pheasants
  • A huddle of penguins
  • A bevy of quail/roebucks/swans
  • A building of rooks
  • A descent of woodpeckers
  • A dissimulation of birds
  • A host of sparrows
  • A gatling of woodpeckers
  • A kettle of hawks
  • A lamentation of swans
  • A murder of crows/magpies
  • A nye/nide of pheasants
  • A wedge of geese/swans
  • A wing of plovers
  • A wisdom of owls
  • A watch of nightingales
  • A wake of buzzards/vultures
  • A volary of birds
  • An unkindness of ravens
  • An ubiquity of sparrows
  • A tittering/tiding of magpies
  • A tok of capercaillie
  • A stand of flamingo
  • A squabble of seagulls
  • A spring of teal
  • A siege of cranes/herons
  • A sedge of cranes
  • A scold of jays
  • A rookery of penguins
  • A plump of waterfowl/wildfowl
  • A muster of peacocks
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