Puzzles: Way to Tickle your Grey Cells

Puzzle-based questions are commonly asked in a variety of competitive examinations. All the popular entrance exams like CAT, SNAP, Bank PO, SSC, and government exams feature direct or indirect riddles and puzzles in reasoning or quant section. Further, most of the companies includes puzzle-based questions in their recruitment tests.
Puzzles check your level of analytical, mathematical and reasoning skills. In addition, solving puzzles is considered a very good exercise so as to remain mentally active. Puzzle solving enhances memory and processing speed. Here, we have compiled 300+ puzzles categorized into two types:
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  • Mathematical Puzzles
  • Logical Puzzles
 Mathematical puzzles are generally based on the basic concepts of arithmetic, probability, geometry, time, speed and distance, etc. On the other hand, logical puzzles test your reasoning skills and lateral thinking ability. Further, these two types are subdivided on three levels: Easy, Medium and Difficult. Here is a compilation of 28 practice exercises consisting of different sets of puzzles. Each exercise contains 10 questions along with their answers and explanations. Alongside, you will learn about the right strategy to tackle various types of puzzles.
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