Mathematical and Logical Riddles

Mathematical logical puzzles are a combination of mathematical and logical concepts. Such puzzle-based questions are frequently asked in various competitive exams and interviews. Here is a compilation of 10 math and logic puzzles devised to hone your mental aptitude. This set contains common maths, logical and analytical puzzles with answers for interviews and exams. 
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Try this combination of maths' riddles and tough reasoning puzzles:
Q.1. The cricket match between India and England was over.
Sehwag scored more runs than Saurabh.
Tendulkar scored more runs than Gautam but less than Rahul
Badani scored as much runs as Ajit but less than Rahul and more than Tendulkar.
Saurabh scored more runs than either Ajit or Rahul.
Each batsman scored 5 runs more than his immediate batsman. The lowest score was 20 runs.
How much did each one of them score?
Q.2. Because of thermal plant shut down in the area there is all blackout and you were in a hall with a candle, an oil-burning stove, a gas lantern and a single match, which do you light first?
Q.3. Prashant lives in "Puri's Society" where all the houses are in a row and are numbered sequentially starting from 1. His house number is 29. Reshma lives in the same society. All the house numbers on the left side of her house add up exactly the same as all the house numbers on the right side of her house. What is the number of Reshma's house? Find the minimal possible answer.
Q.4. Major Sunder is forming five-person Special work force. The group must contain one Manager, two lawyers and two typists. J, K and L are possible lawyers. M, N and P are possible managers. E, F and G are possible typists. Also, J and L prefer to work with each other in the same team. P prefers to work only if F works. How many different possible Groups, Major Sunder can make?
Q.5. If a cow eats 50 pounds of grass every day EXCEPT every 5th day on which it only eats 40 pounds of grass. If the cow continues this, how many pounds of grass will it eat in 222 days?
Q.6. You have 3 points labeled P, Q and R. You then have another 3 points labeled p, q and r. The aim of the puzzle is to connect point P with point p, q and r, point Q with point P, Q and R and point R with point p, q and r. Points can be arranged in any order but follow one rule that while connecting the points, lines cannot cross over each other.
Q.7. There are five containers of oil of different weight. They are weighed in pairs of two with all possibilities. The weights in kgs are 165, 168, 169.5, 171, 172.5, 174, 175.5, 177, 180, and 181.5 . How much does each container weigh?
Q.8. A token operated toy machine offers three selections - Teddy, Doll or Random (Either Teddy or Doll) but the machine has been strung out wrongly so that each switch does not give what it claims. If each token costs Rs. 25, how many minimum coupons have to be put into the machine to work out which switch gives which selection?
Q.9. Five friends ran a 200m race. No friend ended at same position. Vijay did not come first.
Rohit was neither first nor last. Vishal came in one place after Vijay.
Rahul was not second. Rishabh was two place below Rahul. In what order did they finish?
Q.10. At the entrance to a members club stands a stranger seeking admission. A friend told him that it's easy to get in. You just have to answer a question corrcetly! Answering wrong, however, will result in being shot! To live a little longer, the man waits in a back alley near the entrance for people to go in. After a while a man comes to the entrance. The door warden asks him: "Twelve?" to which he replies "Six!" and goes in. "That's easy." our friend thinks, but he waits a little longer. Another man comes to the door. "Six?" the door warden asks, to which he replies "Three!" and goes in. "That's too good to be true" our friend thinks, and he was not right. Because, when asked "Four?", he answered "Two!" and was found dead in the alley. What was the correct answer?
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