Easy Logical Puzzles - 1

Logical Reasoning Puzzles form an important part of bank PO, SSC, government exams and many entrance tests. These are mainly based on arrangements, blood relations, inequalities or some simple logic. Puzzle reasoning intends to check your analytical, deductive and problem solving abilities. Here is a compilation of different logical puzzles questions and answers with explanations. This set contains 10 easy level logic puzzles.
Solve the given questions and check your mental abilities:
Q.1. Three drinks- Coke, Limca or Either (Either Coke or Limca) are offered by a machine at the bus stop. But the machine has been wired up wrongly by the staff at the bus stand so that each button does not give what it claims. If each drink costs Rs 10, how much minimum money do you have to put into the machine to work out which button gives which selection?
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Q.2. There are 15 chocolates in a basket. Supposedly you have 15 friends, who each desire a chocolate. You give each of your friend one chocolate. After a few minutes each of your friends has one chocolate each, yet there is an chocolate remaining in the basket. How?
Q.3. Sonu works on the 9th floor of an underconstructed building. He always takes the elevator down to ground level at the end of the day. Yet every morning he only takes the elevator to the 7th floor and walks up the stairs to the 9th floor, even when is in a hurry. Can you think of some valid reason?
Q.4. A hunter has a lion, goat and carrot and he wants to cross the river taking three of these along. However, there is a boat that can fit him plus either the lion, the goat, or the carrot. He is confused because if the lion and the goat are alone on one shore, the lion will eat the goat. If the goat and the carrot are alone on the shore, the goat will eat the carrot. Remove hunters confusion by suggesting him a way to bring all the three things to the other shore.
Q.5. The sum of the incomes of Abha and Bhabha is more than that of Cabha and Dhaba together. The sum of the Incomes of Abha and Cabha is the same as that of Bhaba and Dhaba taken together. Moreover, Abha earns half as much as the sum of the incomes of Bhaba and Dhaba?
Whose income is the highest?
Q.6. The sum of the incomes of Abha and Baba is more than that of Cabha and Dabha taken together. The sum of the Incomes of Abha and Cabha is the same as that of Babha and Dabha taken together. Moreover, Abha earns half as much as the sum of the incomes of Babha and Dabha?
Which of the following statements is not correct?
(a) Abha earns more than Babha (b) Babha earns more than Dabha (c) Cabha earns more than Dabha (d) Babha earns more than Cabha
Q.7. In a shop, there are 4 dolls of different heights P,Q,R and S. S is neither as tall as P nor as short as R. Q is shorter than S but taller than R. If Kittu wants to purchase the tallest doll, which one should she purchase?
  1. Only P
  2. Only S
  3. Either P or S
  4. Either Q or S
Q.8. In how many ways can the members be arranged around a circle so that there is exactly one female between the two sisters present in a group of 20 kitty members?
Q.9. Pointing towards Shreya, Mahesh said,” The father of her brother is the only son of my grandfather.” How is Shreya related to Mahesh?
Q.10. 6 people M, N, O, P, Q and R have the following attributes.
1. M is richer than N, but shorter than R.
2. N is richer than Q but taller than R.
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3.O is poorer than P and taller than M.
4. P is poorer as well as shorter than Q.
5. Q is poorer as well as shorter than M.
6. R is richer than M and taller than O.
Who is the richest person out of the given 6 persons?
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