Medium Logical Puzzles - 2

Logical Reasoning Puzzles are commonly asked in a number of competitive exams. These are mostly arrangement-based or number logic puzzles. Such questions intend to check your analytical, deductive and problem solving abilities. Here, we have compiled a series of different kinds of logic puzzles with answers and explanations. This set contains 10 medium level logic puzzles.
Solve the given questions and check your mental aptitude:
Q.1. If ‘Quo Lie Heer’ means ‘Boy is handsome’; 2. ‘Lai Quo Mea’ means ‘Sunaina is cute’; 3. ‘Ruo Sel Mea’ means ‘All are cute’; 4. ‘Si Hai Lie’ means ‘Dog was handsome’; then which of the following words stands for ‘Boy’?
  1. Quo
  2. Lie
  3. Heer
  4. Lai
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Q.2. What will come in place of ' ? '
Medium Logical Puzzles 2
  1. W
  2. U
  3. S
  4. M
Q.3. Refer to the data below and answer the questions that follow:
A 3X3 grid is formed by placing digits 1 to 9 in it in such a way that:
  1. 1 and 3 are in direct contact with only 3 other digits.
  2. 5 is in contact with all other digits.
  3. 2 and 8 are in the same horizontal and in contact with only 3 other digits.
  4. 1 and 8 lie on the same vertical with 3 placed in the third column of the grid.
The digits in the grid are represented by A(I,J) where I indicates the row number and J the column number, like A(1,1), A(1,2) etc.
Which number cannot be on A (2,2) ?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. All of these
Q.4. If GOOGLE is coded as 4 and ABSENTEE as 6, then what is the code for LETTERS?
  1. 6
  2. 7
  3. 5
  4. 8
Q.5. Raja is twelfth from the right and Praja is twelfth from the left in a row of boys. When Raja and Praja interchange their positions, Praja will be twenty-ninth from the left. Which of the following will be Raja’s position from the right?
Q.6. Forty students are standing in a single row such that after the first boy, there is one girl. After the second boy, there are two girls. After the third boy, there are three girls and so on. Work out the number of girls in the second-half of the row.
Q.7. Lily, Snowy and Esha are working with Mrs Daring Daughters at Delhi.They lunch together on every working day  at Cafe Paris where they also order wine based on the following premises:
A. Esha has wine only if either Lily or Snowy or both have it.
B. Unless neither Lily nor Snowy have wine, Esha must have it.
C. Snowy and Esha never have wine together.
D. If Lily does not have wine, either Snowy or Esha or both have it.
Who order(s) wine?
Q.8. If MADRAS is coded as 19-7-10-24-7-25, how will you code SPIDER?
Q.9. Amla, Bamla, Camla, Damla and Emala are good friends. Only two of them are always honest. The other three persons are sometimes honest and sometimes not. When they were asked about who is a liar. Here are the answers from them:
  1. Amla said: Bamla is not a lier.
  2. Bamla said: Camla is a liar.
  3. Camla said: Damla is a liar.
  4. Damla said: Emala is a liar.
  5. Emala said: Bamla is a liar.
  6. Amla said: Emala is not a liar.
  7. Emala said: Camla is a liar.
Find out which two persons are always honest?
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Q.10. There are 3 containers. 1st container is having only red marbles, 2nd container is having only yellow marbles & the 3rd container is having both red & yellow marbles. All 3 containers are completely mislabeled. If you are allowed to take 1 marble from 1 of the containers to examine it & then tell which marble is in which container, which container would you choose?
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