Difficult Logical Puzzles - 1

Logical reasoning puzzle questions are often asked in bank PO, SSC, government exams and many entrance tests. These are mostly arrangement-based or picture puzzles. Such questions intend to check your analytical, deductive and problem solving abilities. Here is a compilation of a series of different logical reasoning puzzles with answers. This set contains 10 difficult puzzles based on the concepts of logical reasoning.
Solve the given questions and check your level of preparation:
Q.1. Move 4 matchsticks to make 3 squares of different sizes.
Difficult Logical Puzzles
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Q.2. A male and a female person are sitting on the bench.
"I'm a male," says the person with brown hair.
"I'm a female," says the person with black hair.
If at least one of them is lying, who is male and who is female?
Q.3. Leo, Dolly, and Tommy are related to each other.
i. Among the three are Leo’s legal spouse, Dolly’s sibling, and Tommy’s sister-in-law.
ii. Leo’s legal spouse and Dolly’s sibling are of the same sex.
Who do you know is a married man?
Q.4. The President decides to give a prisoner, who is about to be sentenced to death, one last chance to live. There are 2 doors, one - the life door and the other - the death door. There is one security person standing by each door, who knows about the doors. However, one of them always tells the truth and the other always tells a lie. There is no way to identify which door is the life door and which is the death door. There is no way to distinguish which security person is telling the truth. The prisoner can only ask only one question from any of the security person. After this he needs to choose a door. If he walks in the death door, then he will be executed. If he walks in the life door, he will get a life. He did choose the life door and lived. What was the question he asked? How did he choose the door after he got the answer from one of the security person?
Q.5. Letters D to Z is categorized into 4 groups. Assume the font we used here is Arial. Which group does the letter G belong to? Which group does the letter I belong to?
1 K j    
2 D E    
3 u   V M
4   N S O
Q.6. While travelling to Tungnath Vicky reached a fork on the way. He could have gone to any of the two ways. But only one of them leads to the town. But fortunately two men were standing nearby, however one of them always lies and other always speak the truth and its not known who is who. Since the men do not really like to help, one is allowed to ask one of them only one question. Which question should he ask?
Q.7. On a train, S, R, and J are the fireman, brakeman, and the engineer, but may NOT be in order. Also aboard the train are three businessmen who have the same names: a Mr. S, a Mr. R, and a Mr. J. Using the clues below, can you determine the identity of the Engineer?
  1. Mr. R lives in Dehradun.
  2. The brakeman lives exactly halfway between Noida and Dehradun.
  3. Mr. J earns exactly Rs. 4,00,000 per year.
  4. The brakeman's nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman.
  5. S beats the fireman in badminton.
  6. The passenger whose name is the same as the brakeman's lives in Noida.
Q.8. Four cups are placed upturned on the counter. Each cup has the same number of sweets and a declaration about the number of sweets in it. The declaration are: Five or Six, Seven or Eight, Six or Seven, Seven or Five. Only one of the declaration is correct. How many sweets are there under each cup?
Q.9. You have 14 apples. Your Friend Monika takes away 3 and gives you 2. You drop 7 but pick up 4. Bhim takes 4 and gives 5. You take one from Monika and give it to Bhim in exchange for 3 more. You give those 3 to Monika and she gives you an apple and an orange. Fiza comes and takes the apple Monika gave you and gives you a pear. You give the pear to Bhim in exchange for an apple. Fiza then takes an apple from Monika, gives it to Bhim for an orange, and gives you the orange for an apple. How many pears do you have?
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Q.10. Five friends with surname Panwala, Letterwala, Talawala, Chunawala and Radhiwala have their first name and middle name as follow.
Four of them have a first and middle name of Verma.
Three of them have a first and middle name of Kanta.
Two of them have a first and middle name of Rajesh.
One of them has a first and middle name of Kiash.
Letterwala and Talawala, either both are named Kanta or neither is named Kanta. Either Panwala and Letterwala both are named Rajesh or Talawala and Chunawala both are named Rajesh. Chunawala and Radhiwala are not both named Verma. Who is named Kiash?
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