Medium Mathematical Puzzles – 6

Mathematics puzzle games enhance your brain power and memory. These are based on the basic concepts of algebra, arithmetic, ratio & proportion, probablity etc. Here, we have compiled some of the best math riddles according to their level of difficulty. Each article contains a set of 10 puzzle questions with solutions. In this article, you will come across medium level maths number puzzles with answers and explanations.
Solve these puzzles related to maths and check your mental aptitude:
Q.1. For her Birthday, Madhuri Dutt bought some T-shirts. If she gives 6 T-shirts to each friend, one friend will get only 4 T-shirts. Also, if she gives 4 T-shirts to each friend, she will have 30 T-shirts remaining. How many T-shirts she got on her Birthday, and how many friends are there?
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Q.2. Punkhuri and Chiriya met each other after a long time. In the course of their conversation, Punkhuri asked Chiriya her age. She replied, "If you reverse my husband's age, you will get my age and he is older than me. Also, the sum of our ages is 11 times the difference of our age." Can you help out Punkhuri in finding Chiriya's age?
Q.3. A fish had a tail as long as its head plus a quarter the length of its body. Its body was three-quarters of its total length. Its head was 4 inches long. What was the length of the fish?
Q.4. In a temple, there were three beggars. A pilgrim came to the temple with few coins. The pujari of the temple gave him a magic bag in which coins get doubled each time you put that coins into it. He put all the coins he had in that bag and the coins got doubled. He took out all the coins and gave few to the first beggar and then again put the remaining coins back in the bag. The coins got doubled again; he took out all the coins again and gave few coins to the second beggar. He then again put the remaining coins in the bag and the coins got doubled again. He took out all the coins and gave few coins to third beggar. There were no coins left with him when he gave coins to third beggar and he gave equal number of coins to each beggar. What is the minimum number of coins the pilgrim had initially? How many coins did he gave to each beggar?
Q.5. There is a grid of 20 squares by 10 squares. How many different rectangles are possible? Note that square is a rectangle.
Q.6. A man took a certain number of apples to the bazaar and sold some of them. The next day, through the orchid of his apples, the number left over had been doubled, and he sold the same number as the previous day. On the third day the new remainder was tripled, and he sold the same number as before. On the fourth day the remainder was quadrupled, and his sales the same as before. On the fifth day what had been left over were quintupled, yet he sold exactly the same as on all the previous occasions and so disposed of her entire stock. What is the smallest number of apples he could have taken to market the first day, and how many did he sell daily? Note that the answer is not zero.
Q.7. Jagdish and Vishnu are playing cards for a stake of Re.1 a game. At the end of the evening, Jagdish has won 3 games and Vishnu has won Rs.3. How many games did they play?
Q.8. A baaz, an eagle, is flying between two trains, each travelling towards each other on the same track at 60 km/h. Baaz reaches one engine, reverses itself immediately, and flies back to the other engine, repeating the process each time. Baaz is flying at 90 km/h. If the Baaz flies 180 km before the trains meet, how far apart were the trains initially?
Q.9. How many squares are there in a 5 cm by 5 cm square lattice? Note that the lattice is made up of one cm by one cm squares.
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Q.10. Sagrika multiplied 414 by certain number and obtained 69958 as the answer. But she found that there is some error in the answer - both the 9s in the answer are wrong and all the other digits are correct. Can you find the correct answer?
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