Latin Words in English - 2

  1. Ex gratia: From kindness or grace (without recognizing any liability or legal obligation)   
    Example: They received an undisclosed ex gratia payment.
  2. Ex post facto: Retroactively        
    Example: I certainly hope that the change in policy will be honored ex post facto.
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  4. Excusez-moi ..: Excuse me...! (to ask for something)       
    Example: Excusez-moi. Could you please tell me where the library is?
  5. Flagrante delicto: In the act        
    Example: The detective realized that without hard evidence he had no case; he would have to catch the culprit flagrante delicto.
  6. Habeas corpus: You must have the body (in court); a court order instructing that a person under arrest be brought before a judge 
    Example: The right of habeas corpus has long been regarded as an important safeguard of individual liberty.
  7. i.e. (id est): That is           
    Example: When you use i.e. in a sentence to signify "that is," you do follow it with a comma.
  8. In loco parentis: In the place of a parent               
    Example: The court appointed a guardian for the children, to serve in loco parentis.
  9. In medias res: In the middle of a sequence of occurences            
    Example: The film begins in medias res, with a panting, terrified man running through the night.
  10. In Situ: Situated in the original or natural position             
    Example: I prefer seeing statues in situ rather than in the confines of a museum.
  11. In vino veritas: In wine there is truth      
    Example: By the end of the party, several of the guests had made a good deal of their private lives public, prompting the host to murmur to his wife, 'in vino veritas.
  12. Inter: Among, Between               
    Example: Inter is a Latin neuter plural, so it can only mean among other things, not people.
  13. Interim: Meanwhile, interval     
    Example: The interim mayor did a good job while he was in office.
  14. Intra: Within     
    Example: English play important roles in more use of intra-sentence conjunctions in legal translation.
  15. Ipso Facto: By the fact itself       
    Example: An extremist, ipso facto, cannot become part of a coalition.
  1. Magnum opus: A great work     
    Example: And from him we have immense amounts to learn, as Simon Schama's recent magnum opus vividly demonstrates.
  2. Magnus: Big, Great, magnitude               
    Example: In Latin, Magnus is masculine, magna is feminine and magnum is neutral.
  3. Mater: Mother
    Example: She has a loving and much loved mater, grandma and great grandma.
  4. Memento Mori: A reminder that you must die  
    Example: The skull rested on the mantlepiece as a memento mori.
  5. Modus operandi: Mode of operating     
    Example: The serial killer's modus operandi is to stab the victim and let them bleed to death.
  6. Ne Plus Ultra: The most intense degree of a quality or state       
    Example: Pulling it from the box, he realized he was face to face with the ne plus ultra of computers.
  7. Opus Dei: The work of God         
    Example: The opus Dei prelature is governed world-wide by a prelate in Rome.
  8. Per: According to; in accordance with     
    Example: If something happens as per normal, it means that it happens in the normal way.
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  10. Per capita: For each person        
    Example: The country's annual income is Rs. 5000 per capita.
  11. Per se: By itself or intrinsically    
    Example: This candidate is not a pacifist per se, but he is in favor of peaceful solutions when practicable.
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