Greek Words in English - 1

  1. Acme: The highest point of a structure  
    Example: One could say that Rome reached the acme of its power on 117 AD, under the rule of Trajan.
  2. Amnesia: Oblivion          
    Example: The woman who had been in an accident was suffering from amnesia and because of this she didn't recognize her family.
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  4. Amphibious/amphibians: Living a double life     
    Example: His talk will be on four wild animals, including an amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal.
  5. Anachronism: Wrong time reference    
    Example: The intentional use of older, often obsolete cultural artifacts may be regarded as anachronistic.
  6. Anagoge/anagogy: Spiritual uplift, reference to a principle        
    Example: Anagoge is currently in the bottom 30% of lookups on
  7. Anagram: Transpose the letters of one word so as to form another       
    Example: Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram.
  8. Analogy: Proportion      
    Example: It is argued that every analogy is partially superfluous and can be rendered as a deduction.
  9. Analyse/Analysis: Loosen, simplify         
    Example: Sentence analysis is not always easy but it is an essential tool in English Grammar.
  10. Anamnesis: Recollection, reminiscence
    Example: Anamnesis is often used as a narrative technique in fiction and poetry as well as in memoirs and autobiographies.
  1. Anecdote: Unpublished               
    Example: The writer makes his living by anecdotes. He searches them out and carves them as the raw materials of his profession.
  2. Anemia: refers to a condition characterized by a qualitative or quantitative deficiency of the red blood cells (or of the hemoglobin).            
    Example: Never feed an onion to your pet, as large amounts can destroy your pet's red blood cells causing anemia.
  3. Anesthe-: Lack of sensation, insensibility under surgical treatment          
    Example: The doctors had to give local anesthesia to the patient to be able to remove his tooth.
  4. Anorexia: Lack of appetite          
    Example: The most commonly affected by anorexia are young women in education aged between 15-25.
  5. Antagonize: Struggle against, prove a match for               
    Example: Mix a little sincerity and gumption in your hard-line approach, and perhaps you'll get somewhere and not antagonize others.
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  7. Arthritis: Inflammation of Joint 
    Example: The old lady looks crippled by arthritis.
  8. Asulon (Asylum in English): Sanctuary    
    Example: She ended up in a lunatic asylum shortly afterward a terrible road accident.
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