French Words in English - 3

  1. eau de Cologne: Water from Cologne
    Example: After I got dressed up, he sprinkled me with eau de cologne.
  2. eau de toilette: A Very weak Perfume
    Example: He looked at the bottle of eau de toilette and said that he doesn't like it.
  3. fait accompli: An accomplished fact, presumably irreversible
    Example: There's no use protesting-it's a fait accompli
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  5. faux: false
    Example: She was wearing a faux pearl necklace in the party.
  6. faux pas: A social blunder
    Example: Suddenly, she realized she had unwittingly committed yet another faux pas.
  7. femme fatale: Deadly Woman; An alluring, mysterious woman who seduces men into compromising situations
    Example: She was such a femme fatale that every man she'd ever been with had ended up with a broken heart.
  8. foie gras: Fat liver; The liver of a force-fed goose, considered a delicacy
    Example: I ate the terrine of foie gras and despite a lot of people loving it, I didn’t like it.
  9. gauche: Awkward; Tactless, lacking social grace
    Example: Example of gauche is a guest at a fancy dinner party, who arrives wearing jeans and flip flops in yellow colour.
  10. genre: Type; Used mostly in art and film
    Example: I really like the genre of the movie.
  11. haute couture: High cuisine; High-class, fancy (and expensive) cooking or food
    Example: Haute couture casts its spell in Paris Fashion Show.
  12. joie de vivre: Joy of living; The quality in people who live life to the fullest
    Example: Helping the elderly is a joie de vivre of mine.
  13. laissez-faire: Let it be - A policy of non-interference.
    Example: The laissez faire policies of Coolidge and the Republicans are often blamed for the Great Depression.
  14. mardi gras: Fat Tuesday
    Example: People came out of their houses to celebrate mardi gras carnival.
  15. matinee: Morning
    Example: I went to see the matinée show of the superhit movie with my friends.
  1. mise en scene: The stage setting; surroundings
    Example: The mise en scene for the sci-fi movie was molded, futuristic furniture and blinding klieg lights.
  2. mot juste: The exact, appropriate word
    Example: 'Rats!' screamed the defiant three-year-old, immensely proud of his mot juste.
  3. nom de plume: Pen name
    Example: Deciding it was time to sit down and begin a novel, the would-be writer spent the first several hours deciding upon a suitable nom de plume.
  4. nouvelle cuisine: New Cuisine; Cooking style developed in the 1960's and 70's that emphasized lightness and freshness
    Example: This Michelin star holder restaurant has a glass floor and gourmet nouvelle cuisine.
  5. oh la la: Oh dear
    Example: Oh là là is usually misspelled and mispronounced "ooh la la" in English.
  6. oui / non: Yes/ No
    Example: Tell me if it's a qui or non from your side on this deal by noon.
  7. papier mache: Mashed paper; Used for Art
    Example: The artists in Kerala make beautiful handicraft with papier mâché.
  8. par excellence: The best of the best
    Example: His demeanor to impress people is par excellence.
  9. passé: Old-fashioned, out-of-date, past its prime
    Example: The hair falling on forehead is passé. It’s no more a fashion statement.
  10. petit: Small; (law) lesser, minor
    Example: The petit kid was bubbling with joy on seeing the balloons.
  11. petite: Small, short
    Example: The petite actress is a joy to watch on screen.
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  13. Tout le monde: Everybody; everyone of importance.
    Example: Don't miss the event; it's bound to be attended by tout le monde.
  14. Via: By way of
    Example: Instead of taking the straight road, she decided to go via market so that she could pick groceries on the way.
  15. Vis-à-vis: "Face to face" (used as an adverb). It is used more widely as a preposition though, meaning "compared with" or "in relation to."
    Example: He offered a cigarette to his vis-à-vis.
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