List of Word Roots - 19

List of Word Roots 
Word root/ prefix Root Meaning Words based on the Root
Purg clean Purge - remove anything undesirable
Purgatory - according to roman Catholics a place where souls must clean themselves of sin
Expurgate - remove objectionable passages from a publication.
Pyr/o fire/ high temperature Pyrotechnics - a display of fireworks
Pyrometer - a thermometer used for measuring high temperatures
Pyretic - inducing fever.
Quad/r/ri four/fourth Quadrant - a circular sector equal to one-quarter of a circle/ open space with buildings on four sides
Quadrennium - a time period of four years
Quadruped - an animal with four feet.
Quart fourth Quarter - one-fourth of the total
Quart - one-fourth of a gallon
Quartet - a musical composition four voices or instruments.
Quin/t five, fifth Quintett - a composition for 5 voices or instruments
Quintessence - pure essence, based on the ancient philosophy that there was a fifth element that was present in all things
Quintuple - fivefold.
The above highlights how you can learn multiple words from the same root. Effectively, you can build groups on the basis of word roots and use these to learn multiple words at the same time.
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