Medium Mathematical Puzzles - 5

Math brain teasers and puzzles often feature in competitive exams. Most of them are algebra, arithmetic or picture puzzles. Here is a compilation of puzzle-based questions grouped according to their level of difficulty. Each article contains a set of 10 maths puzzles with solutions. In this article, you will come across medium-level maths number puzzles devised to hone your mental aptitude.
Solve these questions and check your mental abilities:
Q.1. Fig. Shows a eight-by-eight square. How many squares are there in all?
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Q.2. Nine kiwis look identical except the one which is lighter. How can you weigh only 2 times on a balance scale to find out which one is lighter?
Q.3. Can you name the biggest number that can be written with two 1's and two 0's?
Q.4. What is the biggest number that can be written with four 9s?
Q.5. In the following question, one term in the number series is wrong, find out the wrong term.
1, 7, 56, 224, 448
Q.6. Find the wrong term in the series: 5, 27, 61, 122, 213, 340, 509
Q.7. Complete the following series:
520, 738, ?, 1342
Q.8. I went on a holiday to a hill station. It snowed for 15 days. But when it snowed in the morning the afternoon was lovely. And when it snowed in the afternoon the day was preceded by a clear morning. Altogether there were 14 very nice mornings and 17 very nice afternoons. How many days did my holiday last?
Q.9. Shona wants a new garden with 12 trees. She decides to plant 6 rows of 4 trees each with rows can have common trees. Furthermore, she wants a symmetric garden. How will his garden look like?
Q.10. What will come in place of "?"
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