GRE Sample Papers 2023

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice." ~Vladimir Horowitz
Since you have acquired all the relevant knowledge to crack GRE, you must start practicing its latest sample papers.
Here, you can access updated GRE sample papers and check your preparation level.
GRE 2023
Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is held by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Every year, lakhs of aspirants from different parts of the world take GRE with an aim to get into a good international university/college. Thousands of grad schools in the US, Canada, and other countries accept GRE scores for shortlisting candidates for MBA/ MS and other master degree/doctorate programmes. The exam is conducted in test centres as well as in remote-proctored mode.
GRE mainly assesses the candidate’s expertise in Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. With the help of GRE sample papers, you will get fully familiar with the structure and format of the exam.
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GRE Sample Papers 2023
Our sample papers are made by experienced mentors who have been training students for various competitive exams. GRE model papers/mock tests are based on the actual exam pattern and the previous years’ questions, so as to give you a real feel of the examination. For each question, there are detailed solutions and explanations. Login here and download the GRE exam sample papers:
Benefits of solving GRE Sample Papers
Considering the difficulty level and high competition in GRE, investing time and effort in practice is a must. Solving GRE practice papers extends multiple advantages, as explained below:
  • Provides strong insight into the difficulty level and format of the examination. You get to know what to expect in the actual examination.
  • Apprises you of your strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, you can work on the areas where you lag and use your strong spots in a better way.
  • Prepares you for the actual exam-like environment and related conditions. When you solve sample papers within the given time limits, you develop greater confidence and feel less nervous for the exam.
  • Enhances your time management skills and improves your accuracy in different topics. As your practice more and more GRE sample question papers, you will be able to build speed in all sections.
  • Gives you a chance to apply different techniques for different question types and then, decide upon the one that proves most suitable for the exam.
Further, you can also utilize practice tests available for GRE General Test and Subject Tests at the official website.
Did You Know: 48% of GRE test-takers have undergraduate degrees in quantitative fields like sciences, engineering, and mathematics.
FAQs Regarding GRE Preparation & Practice
  1. How long does it take to prepare for GRE?
  2. Depending upon their academic expertise and daily schedule, candidates take anywhere between 2-6 months for GRE preparation. So, it is completely up to you. However, make sure to spend at least 2-3 hours regularly on studying for GRE.
  3. Is calculator allowed for GRE exam?
  4. Yes, you are provided with a calculator for GRE, but you cannot bring your own calculator to the test center. For computer-based GRE, an on-screen calculator is present for the Quant section.
  5. When should I start practising GRE sample papers?
  6. After 1-2 months of preparing for important topics, you can begin practising sectional tests for GRE and then, move on to the complete sample tests.
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  7. What is the duration of GRE General Test?
  8. The total limit for GRE General Test is 3 hours and 45 minutes, including a 10-minute break.
  9. What is the level of mathematics questions in GRE?
  10. The Quant section in GRE is based on mathematics concepts of high school level only.
  11. Is the Analytical Writing section of GRE different from the Writing section of TOEFL Test?
  12. Yes, the writing sections of both exams are different. While GRE’s AWA section is designed to test the analytical and critical thinking abilities of the candidate, TOEFL just measures the basic comprehension and writing skills. Even though both the sections include two writing tasks, the level of GRE is much higher than that of TOEFL.

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