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Now that you have decided to appear for GRE, you must begin your preparation the right way.
To ease your preparation journey, we have devised the best online coaching for GRE. Here, you will learn about the role of coaching for GRE preparation, as well as the salient features offered in our online courses.
“Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.” ~Sir John Whitmore.
Read on to know how GRE coaching will help you ace the exam and get you to your dream grad school.
GRE 2023
Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is facilitated by Educational Testing Service (ETS). It is a basic shortlisting criterion for admission to MS/MBA and other master degree programmes. GRE scores are utilised by thousands of B-schools and law schools in US, Canada, and other countries. The exam is conducted in paper-based/computer-based mode at test centres and can also be taken in remote-proctored mode at home. GRE test centres span across 160 countries. Lakhs of aspirants all around the world appear for GRE with the hope to get into a reputed international university/institute.
GRE mainly tests the candidate’s general aptitude, writing skills, and analytical ability.
Why take GRE Coaching?
The difficulty level of GRE is higher than most other management entrances, due to its international acceptance and tough competition. This calls for focused effort and hard work. Since many aspirants are working professionals or pursuing graduation, they often find it taxing to stay focused due to busy schedules. Here comes the role of experienced experts and mentors. At Hitbullseye, we provide one of the best GRE coaching courses for your effective preparation. Our coaching packages include comprehensive study material and mock tests. To begin with, you can also use the free sources available on our website.
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Why to opt for GRE Online Coaching?
In light of the latest events, online education has become the new way of learning and test preparation. Today, the number of test-takers opting for online coaching is constantly on the rise. While several prep portals claim to extend the best GRE coaching, only some provide reliable resources. Look out for the following features before taking up GRE online coaching:
Flexibility: Online courses let you learn anywhere and anytime.You can access the preparatory material with a few clicks and study through the e-lessons any number of times.
Peer Learning: As online coaching can be taken by aspirants from any place,it will give you an opportunity to interact with aspirants from various parts of the world. At the same time, you will stay updated with the level of competition.
Cost-Effectiveness & Time-Efficiency: Online coaching costs less than traditional classroom coaching. This is because these do not need physical resources and are available digitally. Besides, online courses help you save time that would otherwise be spent commuting to the physical coaching centres.
Key Features of Hitbullseye’s GRE Online Coaching
Hitbullseye is a leading portal for GRE online coaching. Our coaching programs are designed to cover the important topics of GRE Syllabus. Through these programs, you will get access to the latest and updated study material created by our expert faculty. You can also make use of our demo in the form of free access to the course. After you are familiarized with the features of online coaching courses, you can choose the course you wish to enrol in. Given below are the main features of our online coaching for GRE:
Live Lectures: Virtual classes are held for conceptual clarity on crucial topics. Weekend or weekday batches are organized, and you can go for either, as per your convenience. These classes are quite interactive, and students get to engage with teachers via online chatbox.
Doubt Sessions: Each concept lecture has a correspondingdoubt class, where the students can get their doubts addressed and learn in a better way.
Smart Delivery Model: We follow a 2+2 academic delivery model,aimed at imparting pre-class and post-class learning. In this, students are required to do in-class and after-class assignments. Thereafter, they receive personalised feedback from the teachers.
Big Bull Ki Pathshala (BBKP): These are special sessions taken by exam toppers, top-college alumni, and industry experts. In these sessions, students get to know the best tricks and strategies for exams.BBKP sessions are scheduled periodically, mostly after every 15 days.
Extensive Study Material: Online courses are equipped with the lateststudy material in the form of recorded video/ e-lectures, eBooks, previous year papers, assignments, etc., for every area.
Mock Tests: Practice is the key to any exam preparation. Ideally, you should take topic-wise and sectional tests first and then, move on to full-length national-level mock tests. In our online courses, you will get all these types of practice tests. Further, the tests are followed by AI-based analytics, and you will also learn about your level among the competition.
24x7 Support: Through our 24X7 discussion groups, you can interact with mentors and fellow aspirants anytime. After the exam, you can join our interview prep courses and related groups for guidance and counselling. You can avail of 1-to-1 mentoring for interview and profile preparation.
Another good feature is that there is a 15-day refund policy offered in our online courses.
FAQs regarding GRE Online Coaching
Since the acceptance of online coaching still lags in certain areas of the world, some students have reservations about its credibility. Here, we provide you insights regarding commonly asked doubts aboutGRE Online Coaching.
1. Can Online Coaching prepare students for the complete GRE syllabus?
Yes. The course includes video/live lectures, assignments, eBooks, tests, etc., for every topic of GRE syllabus. You can revise your lessons any number of times. So, if you opt for a GRE online coaching course, you can be sure of proper preparation.
2. What are live classes?
Live lectures/classes are real-time and taken by our experienced faculty. These are not pre-recorded but designed to give you a true classroom experience. Once you login into your course page, you can view a ‘live class’ category given with its start time. The live lecture will be held only during the specified times. While the live session, you will have a Chat Box to write in your doubts, and the attending teacher will address them.
There is also an Interactive Whiteboard via which the teachers present sample problems and solve them in real-time. For more doubt-resolution, you can post in discussion groups, and they will be answered by our experts.
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3. How do I cover up, if I miss a live lecture?
Live lectures are there in your dashboard after two days of their running time. But, you can’t ask your doubts while viewing the recording of a live lecture. Besides, the schedule for live classes is given on the course page in advance.
4. If I purchase more than one online course, can I access both from the same account?
Yes, you can access both courses from the same account. However, you will need to pay separately for each course.
5. Is my payment secure?
Absolutely! Your security is taken very seriously. You can pay using PayU, GooglePay, and PayTM, the three most trusted payment gateways. Your payment will go through these gateways and never touch our servers. Your credit/debit number/ security code is never saved.
6. Are there any specific technical requirements to use online courses?
You justrequire a laptop/desktop/tablet/ mobile with a decent internet connection.
7. Can I go through the courses on my smartphone?
Yes, you can access the courses on any smartphone by logging in to the course page (the related details are sent in the welcome mail).
8. Will the Online Coaching courses suffice to help me crackGRE?
Completely! Our GRE Online Coaching is planned to match the physical classroom environment. The courses extend a complete hand-holding to students, at every step of their preparation. The pre-assessment tests let you to check your progress in particular topics. The conceptual video lectures help you build a strong conceptual foundation. The live lectures and discussion groups provide you an opportunity to interact with teachers just like you do in an actual classroom. Finally, mock tests and their analysis will help your track your progress and aid in improvement.
9. What is the difference between the content of Online Coaching and Classroom Coaching?
There is no major difference between the two. The online courses are conducted by the same faculty and include the same syllabus, material, and resources. The only difference is that for Online Classes, students do not have to visit a classroom physically. Yet, they are equally interactive and ensure the equivalent quality of preparation.

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