GMAT Scores & Result 2024

“Every single day you're the result of what you did on the days prior.” ~Chris Hadfield
We know you have invested several days of hard work, dedication, and focus into acing the GMAT exam. So, here we are, showing you the way to the fruits of your labour.
In this article, you will learn about your GMAT score, its equivalent percentile, and answers to common queries like how to calculate GMAT score, how to send them to B-schools and more.
GMAT Score Reports 2024
GMAT exam evaluates your ability to tackle mathematical, verbal, analytical writing, and reasoning questions. It has four sections, of which only Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning are considered for the GMAT total score. However, the scores in the remaining sections (Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment) also hold importance as they are reviewed during the admission process. The good thing about GMAT results is that you can access them immediately after completing your exam. Yet, you can also get them later. The following link will let you check your GMAT scorecard 2024:
Unofficial Score Report
Once you have finished your exam, you will be able to see your unofficial GMAT results. In the unofficial report, you will get GMAT total scores, Quantitative Reasoning score, Verbal Reasoning score, and Integrated Reasoning score. You are given 2 minutes to cancel or accept them. If you do not take any action, the report will itself be cancelled. In case you choose to accept the score report, you will be given its printout at your test centre.
Note that the official scorecard cannot be used for admission applications.
Official Score Report
The official score report of GMAT is generally available within 7-20working days after your exam date. You will receive an email when your official GMAT scorecard is available. In this mail, you will also be given instructions to access your result online. The official score report includes your marks/score in Analytical Writing Assessment Score, Quantitative Reasoning, VerbalReasoning,Integrated Reasoning; GMAT percentile rank;GMAT total score;the personal information you provided during registration; and scores of the previous GMAT exams you took in the past five years.
Remember that the GMAT total marks are scaled to a range of 200-800, to form the overall scores.
Enhanced Score Report
Enhanced score report of GMAT covers detailed insights of your exam performance. It is a customised report that displays your strengths and weaknesses in each section of GMAT. Further, it includes your performance evaluation in every question type, your time management, percentage of questions answered correctly, comparative performance with respect to your peers of the past three years, etc. Simply saying, it provides you with valuable feedback that can be utilised during admissions and also, for future tests.
These reports have to be separately purchased and are not available for GMAT taken in online remote-proctored mode.
Did you Know: Ratan Tata is a graduate of Harvard Business School.
GMAT Score Vs Percentile
Apart from the scaled scores, GMAT total marks are also converted to a percentile rank. Your GMAT percentile indicates the percentage of test-takers who scored less than you. The following table illustrates an approximate score-percentile equivalence of GMAT exam:
GMAT Score
GMAT Percentile
FAQs Regarding GMAT Score Reports
  1. What is the validity of GMAT scores?
  2. Your GMAT scorecard is valid for 5 years, and you can access them on the official site for up to 10 years.
  3. How are my GMAT scores sent to the B-schools?
  4. Prior to starting your GMAT exam, you are asked to select up to 5 programmes for whom your scores will be sent. After the official results are out, your score reports are sent to your chosen programs via mail or electronic means. This service is included in your GMAT registration fee. It is important to note that once you have made your selections, they cannot be changed later on.
    If you want to send scores for more than 5 programmes, you will have to pay an additional fee for the same.
  5. What happens when I cancel my GMAT score?
  6. If you cancel your GMAT scores, they will not be sent to any of the selected institutes. Also, you will neither get any print of your unofficial score report at the test center nor be able to access the official score report.
  7. Can I restore my score after I have cancelled it?
  8. Yes, you can restore your cancelled score from the official site. The cancelled GMAT scores can be reinstated until4 years and 11 months from your exam date. Thereafter, the official score reports are sent to the list of schools that you chose on the test day. You will be able to view the list but cannot change it.
  9. What is the use of the unofficial GMAT scorecard?
  10. You can use your unofficial score report to assess if you are a competitive applicant for the institutes of your choice. Also, you can decide whether or not you want to retake the exam.
  11. Until when can I access GMAT Enhanced Score Report?
  12. You can get your enhanced score report up to 5 years from your exam date.

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