GMAT Sample Papers 2024

“Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you.”~Simone Biles
So, if you are fully determined to take on GMAT 2024, you must empower yourself by practicing GMAT sample papers. Here, you can access the latest sample papers for the exam and check your level of preparation.
GMAT 2024
GMAT (Graduation Management Admission Test) is taken by lakhs of management aspirants who aim to get into globally acclaimed institutions. GMAT judges the test-taker’s ability to analyze and critically examine various scenarios. The examination even measures their skills and lets them know, which skills they have and which skills are further required. GMAT scores are accepted for thousands of master programs across the B-schools of over 100 countries.
Before going through the GMAT sample papers, you must be aware of their exam pattern and related time limits.
GMAT Exam Pattern 2024
GMAT is a computer-adaptive test that can be taken online at test centres or in remote-proctored mode at home. The following table illustrates the sectional break-up of the exam:
No. of Questions
Duration (minutes)
Analytical Writing Assessment
Integrated Reasoning
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
GMAT Sample Papers 2024
Our sample papers are curated by experts with several years of experience in preparing students for competitive exams. GMAT practice papers/sample tests are based on the expected exam pattern and the previous years’ question papers, to provide you with a real-time experience and understanding of the examination. Along with the paper, you will get detailed solutions. You can login and download the GMAT exam sample papers here:
Advantages of solving GMAT Sample Papers
GMAT preparation is incomplete unless you practice the latest sample papers and reflect on your performance in a detailed manner. Solving GMAT sample question paper offers the following benefits:
  • It helps you in understanding the difficulty level and pattern of the examination.
  • It lets you know your weak and strong areas. So, as you practice, you will be able to strengthen your weaker areas as well.
  • With every practice test, you will learn better time management skills and improve upon your accuracy of attempts.
  • Attempting GMAT sample papers within the specified time restraints enable you to get a feel of the real exam-like environment and conditions. In other words, you are likely to feel much less nervy in the actual exam, if you have invested sufficient time in practice.
  • You can try using different strategies while solving GMAT sample papers. This will assist you in deciding which strategy works best for you in the exam.
Further, you can also make use of the preparation guide and practice tests available at the official site.  GMAC also provides an 8-Week Study Plan for the test-takers. The study plan provides them with an overview of the exam and provides a detailed approach on how to prepare for the same. The planner includes tips and strategies that help the test takers in focusing on the weaker sections and enhance the knowledge of the candidate to improve the weaker areas and strengthen the stronger ones.
Note that it is essential for the test-takers to clear all the sections to qualify the exam. So, you may also work on GMAT sample papers in a section-wise way, before trying the full-length tests.
FAQs Regarding GMAT Preparation& Practice
  1. How long should I study to prepare for the GMAT?
  2. As per your daily schedule (college/work) and abilities, you can prepare well for GMAT in 3-6 months.
  3. What is a good score in GMAT?
  4. Most of the top B-schools have their GMAT cut-off above 700. So, you must target a minimum score of 270-250.
  5. When should I start practicing GMAT sample papers?
  6. Ideally, you should start practicing the sample papers/ tests 2-3 months before your scheduled exam date.
  7. How many tests/papers should I solve per week?
  8. You should solve atleast 1-2 tests in a week.
  9. How many full-length practice tests should I take before the exam?
  10. For a good preparation, you will need to take 15-20 practice tests before the actual exam.
  11. How do I access GMAT practice questions from the official site?
  12. For GMAT Official Practice Exams, click here and add them into your account.
  13. Do the official practice exams have answer explanations?
  14. No, the official practice exams do not carry answer explanations.

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