GMAT Preparation Books 2024

“One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.” ~Cassandra Clare
Seems like you are ready to kick off your GMAT preparation! If so, you must get a hold of the most reliable and authentic sources available online and offline.
Since there are plenty of books for GMAT preparation, it is usually difficult to make the right choice. To simplify your task, our team of experts has examined different sources and listed down the best books for all sections of the exam. Here, you can learn about them in brief:
GMAT eBooks by Hitbullseye
As per the needs and demands of different groups of aspirants, our topmost experts and mentors have come up with a whole set of GMAT preparation books. These books are formulated to provide you with a complete understanding of the topics of the GMAT syllabus. Apart from the basic concepts, these GMAT prep books include a good number of practice questions, shortcuts, and tricks for different sections. Further, some of our books specifically focus on the strategic aspects of the exam. Hitbullseye’GMAT preparation books are accessible in eBook format. GMAT eBooks will soon be released and their download link will be available here!
Best Books for GMAT Preparation
To begin with, you can go through the guides present on the official site. These encompass general suggestions and timelines for your study plan, along with tips for various sections. Given below is the list of free and paid books for GMAT 2024:
  • GMAT™ Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 (FREE)
  • GMAT™ Official Practice Questions 1
  • GMAT™ Official Practice Questions 2
  • GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 3 to 6
  • GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 3 & 4
  • GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 5 & 6
  • Premium GMAT™ Study Collection 2024
  • GMAT™ Official Guide 2024: eBook & Online Question Bank
  • GMAT™ Official Advanced Questions: eBook & Online Question Bank
  • GMAT™ Official Guide Bundle 2024: eBook& Online Question Bank
  • Kaplan's GMAT Prep Plus 2024-2025
  • Manhattan Prep's All the GMAT
Best Books for GMAT Writing Assessment
In order to ace the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) section, you can refer to the following resources:
  • GMAT™ Official AWA Practice
  • Manhattan Review's GMAT Analytical Writing Guide
  • Manhattan Prep's GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay
Best Books for GMAT Integrated Reasoning
  • GMAT™ Official IR Practice
  • Manhattan Review GMAT Integrated Reasoning Guide
  • Vibrant Publishers’ GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions
  • Manhattan Prep's GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay
Once you are thorough with the concepts of IR, you can make use of the official practice book. One of the best GMAT prep books, the official IR practice guide has 70+ past exam questions along with answer explanations, and other practice sets.
Did you Know: The first Official Guide for GMAT Review was released in 1978.
Best Books for GMAT Quantitative Reasoning
  • GMAT™ Official Guide Quant Review 2024: eBook & Online Question Bank
  • GMAT™ Official Quantitative Practice
  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Foundations of Math
  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Advanced Quant
Another official resource among the top GMAT preparation books, Quant Review guide 2024 has 370+ questions of Quantitative Reasoning along with their detailed answer explanations.
Best Books for GMAT Verbal Reasoning
  • GMAT™ Official Guide Verbal Review 2024: eBook & Online Question Bank
  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Foundations of Verbal
  • Kaplan’s GMAT Verbal Workbook
  • PowerScore’sGMAT Critical Reasoning Bible
The official guide for the verbal section has 340+ questions plus their explanations. All these guides and question banks are counted as the finest of all GMAT preparation books, as they help you improve speed and accuracy in important areas.
Besides, you can also avail GMAT Online Tutorial on the official website. It is devised to give you a feel of the actual exam environment like screen navigation, layouts, and structure of the exam. In this, you will also get some useful tips for exam day. As per the official sources, you should utilize this tutorial only within the last 3 days preceding your exam date.
About GMAT
GMAT is one of the most globally accepted entrance exams. It is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) all around the year, and the test-takers can select their preferred exam date and time as per their suitability. GMAT scores pave the way for MBA and other master's programs across 2300+ schools worldwide. Lakhs of aspirants take the GMAT exam annually.

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