Profit & Loss Practice Problems: Level 01

Q.1. A real estate agent sells two sites for Rs. 18000 each. On one he gains 25% and on the other he loses 25 %. What is his loss or gain percent?
A. 6.25 % gain
B. 6.25% loss
C. No profit no loss
D. 4% loss
E. 4% profit
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Q.2. If a retailer marks up his price by 30 % and then allows a 30 % discount, what is his percentage profit or loss?
A. 9 % gain
B. 8 % gain
C. 8% loss
D. 9 % loss
E. 5% loss
Q.3. By selling an article for Rs 600 more, Karthik would have made 5% profit on his sale instead of a 11% loss. What was his cost price?
A. Rs. 3750
B. Rs. 4000
C. Rs. 2250
D. Rs. 6,000
E. Rs. 4750
Q.4. I make a profit of 20% by selling an article. What would be the profit percent if it were calculated on the selling price instead of the cost price?
A. 10 %
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 16.67%
E. 12.5%
Q.5. A tradesman marks his goods 25% above the cost price and allows his customers 12 % reduction on their bills. What percent profit does he make?
A. 14 %
B. 10%
C. 18%
D. 12.5%
E. 12%
Q.6. In order to maintain the price line, a trader allows a discount of 12 % on the marked price of goods in his ship. However, he still makes a gross profit of 32 % on the cost price. Find the profit percent he would have made on the selling price had he sold at the marked price.
A. 28.07 %
B. 50 %
C. 31.21 %
D. 23 %
E. 40%
Q.7. An orange vendor makes a profit of 10% by selling oranges at a certain price. If he charges Rs. 1.4 higher per orange he would gain 30%. Find the original price at which he sold an orange.
A. Rs. 6
B. Rs. 5.80
C. Rs. 6.25
D. Rs. 6.70
E. Rs 7.70
Q8. A man bought a horse for a certain sum and sold it, at a loss of 8 % on his outlay. If he had received Rs. 1800 more, he would have gained 14½ % on his outlay. What did the horse cost?
A. Rs. 3,500
B. Rs. 5,000
C. Rs. 6,000
D. Rs. 8,000
E. Rs. 6500
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Q9. Divya made a profit of 25% when selling a Salwar Kameez at Rs. 4,000. Find the cost price of the same dress.
A. Rs. 4,800
B. Rs. 3,650
C. Rs. 3,200
D. Rs. 3,000
E. Rs. 2,700
Q10. What profit percent is made by selling an article at a certain price if by selling at four-fifth of that price there may be a loss of 12 %?
A. 10 %
B. 25 %
C. 42 %
D. 20 %
E. 35%
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