Profit & Loss Practice Problems: Level 02

Q.1. A dealer paid a car manufacturer Rs. 1,35,000 for a car. What should be the selling price of the car, if after allowing a buyer 10 % discount on the selling price, he made a profit of 8 % on his outlay?
A. Rs. 150,000
B. Rs. 1,60,000
C. Rs. 1,62,000
D. Rs. 1,52,500
E. Rs. 1,40,000
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Q.2. A merchant supplied a dealer with goods at a profit of 10 %. The dealer however became bankrupt and could pay only 72 p. in the rupee. How much percent did the merchant lose?
A. 20.8 %
B. 15.6 %
C. 25.4 %
D. 16.50 %
E. 17%
Q.3. A man purchases two pens for Rs. 740. He sells one at 12 % profit and the other at a 8 % loss. Then he neither gains nor loses. Find the cost price of each pen (in Rs.).
A. 324, 416
B. 296, 444
C. 288, 452
D. 365, 375
E. 272, 468
Q.4. A man sells a TV set for Rs. 4,800 and makes a profit of 20 %. He sells another TV at a loss of 16 %. If on the whole, he neither gains nor loses, find the selling price of the second TV set.
A. Rs. 3,800
B. Rs. 4,400
C. Rs. 4,200
D. Rs. 4,600
E. Rs. 3,500
Q.5. Parveen bought 80 kg of rice for Rs. 760 and sold it at a loss of as much money as he received for 15 kg rice. At which price did he sell the rice?
A. Rs. 9 / kg
B. Rs. 8 / kg
C. Rs. 8.5 / kg
D. Rs. 10 / kg
E. Rs. 10.6 / kg
Q.6. After selling a watch, Mihir found that he had made a loss of 12 %. He also found that had he sold it for Rs. 45 more, he would have made a profit of 8 %. The actual initial loss was what percentage of the profit earned, had he sold the watch for 8 % profit?
A. 66.67 %
B. 145 %
C. 150 %
D. 160 %
E. 180%
Q.7. The profit earned when an article is sold for Rs. 1050 is 14 times the loss incurred when it is sold for Rs. 375. At what price should the article be sold if it is desired to make a profit of 20 %?
A. Rs. 410
B. Rs. 420
C. Rs. 504
D. Rs. 475
E. Rs. 495
Q8. A man sells an article at a profit of 8 per cent. If the cost price were 10 per cent less and the selling price Rs. 18 less, his profit would have been 15 per cent. Find the cost price of the article.
A. Rs. 430
B. Rs. 450
C. Rs. 220
D. Rs. 380
E. Rs. 400
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Q9. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at a profit of 15 percent and also weighs 833.33 grams in place of a kg. Find his actual gain percent.
A. 32 % gain
B. 38% gain
C. 42 % gain
D. No gain no loss
E. 40 % gain
Q10. A tradesman sells his goods at a price 20 % above what they cost him. If his overhead expenses are Rs. 33,200 per annum, what must be his annual receipts on the goods sold, so that 10 % of his receipts may be net profit?
A. Rs. 4,32,000
B. Rs. 4,50,000
C. Rs. 4,98,000
D. Rs. 6,62,000
E. Rs. 5,41,000
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