Direction Reasoning Practice Questions: Level 02

  1. Ajay walks 24 km towards East and turns to right hand side and takes a drive of another 10 km. He then turning to his right (drives towards West) another 10 km. He then turns to his left & walks another 8 km. After that, he turns to his right & travels 14 km. How far is he from his initial point & in which direction?
    A. 20 km East
    B. 18 km south
    C. 16 km West
    D. 10 km South
    E. None of these
  2. Raju walks 80 ms towards south. Then, turns to his right & starts walking straight till he completes another 80 ms. Then, again turning to his left he walks for 60 metres. He then turns to his left & walks for 80 metres. How far is he from his initial position?
    A. 100 metres
    B. 60 metres
    C. 20 metres
    D. 120 metres
    E. 140 meters
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  3. Varun drove his car for 80 kms due North. Then he turned left and drove for 100 kms. Again he turned left & drove yet another 80 kms. Again he turned left and drove his car 120 kms. How far do you think he actually drove his car from the initial position?
    A. 20 kms
    B. 100 kms
    C. 60 kms
    D. None of these
    E. Can't Say
  4. Sandeep walks 60m to the east, then he turns left and walks for 50 m, then turns right and went 70 m and then turns right again and went 50 m. How far was Sandeep from the starting point?
    A. 90 m
    B. 70 m
    C. 50 m D. 130 m E. 100 m
  5. One morning after sunrise, Amrit was standing facing a pole. The shadow of the pole was forming on the left side. Which direction was Amrit facing?
    A. East
    B. West
    C. North
    D. South
    E. None of these
  1. One evening just before sunset two friends Sanju and Manju were talking to each other face to face. If Manju’s shadow was exactly to her left side, which direction was Sanju facing?
    A. North
    B. South
    C. West
    D. Data inadequate
    E. None of these
  2. In the evening, Ashmita started walking positioning his back towards the sun. After sometime, she turned left, then turned right and then towards the left again. In which direction is she going now?
    A. North
    B. East
    C. West
    D. South
    E. None of these
  3. I drove 50 km towards east from a city ‘S’ and then turned right and drove another 30 km. Now I turned to my left & drove another 30 km. Finally I turned my right & drove 30 km to reach a city ‘F’. Find the shortest straight distance between cities S and F.
    A. 20 km
    B. 25 km
    C. 30 km
    D. 40 km
    E. 100 km
  4. Ahmedabad is to the southwest of Bangalore, Chennai is to the east of Ahmedabad and southeast of Bangalore and Delhi is to the north of Chennai in line with Ahmedabad-Bangal;ore. In which direction of Bangalore is Delhi located?
    A. South
    B. Southwest
    C. North
    D. Northeast
    E. East
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  6. Ajay drives 3 kilometres North. Then he turns right and drives 4 kilo metres. Now he turns right and drives 5 kilometres. Now turning left, he drives 2 kilometres. Again, he turns left and moves 2 kilometres. Finally turning left he again walks 2 kilometres. In which direction & how far is he from his starting position?
    A. 1.5 kilometres East
    B. 4 kilometres East
    C. 1.5 kilometres West
    D. 4.5 metres West
    E. None of these
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