Directions : Concepts & Tricks

Typically in such type of questions, the question stem contains a number of instructions regarding the movement of a person. We are asked to find the final location of the person or distance travelled by him or distance between initial or final position.
 Before doing this topic, the following points should be kept in mind.
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  1. While attempting direction test, one must first understand directions. The following figure shows the four main directions i.e. North, South, West and East. Also four cardinal directions (North-East (NE), North-West (NW) South-East (SE) and South-West (SW) are shown to help  students to know the direction
    solve direction questions in reasoning
  2. One should start solving the question taking the initial position as origin.
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  1. For solving direction reasoning questions, it is critical that we have a direction sense after movement. Keep in mind the change in direction when a person takes right or left.
    Direction before taking the turn Direction in which person will be moving after taking turn
      Right Left
    North East West
    South West East
    East South North
    West North South
  2. One should keep in mind that in finding the distance between initial and final position shortest distances is to be taken and use of by Pythagoras theorem is there.
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