Direction Reasoning Practice Questions: Level 01

  1. 1. Rohan drives 16 km towards North, then turns right and walks 8 km. He again turns to his right hand side and moves 16 km forward. How many km is Rohan away from the place of his starting the journey?
    A. 16 km
    B. 8 km
    C. 14 km
    D. 30 km
    E. None of these
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  2. Arun secured 70% marks in the written examination and 55% marks in personal interview. He has been working as accountant in a local Manoj plywood industries for the past 3 years after completing his post graduate degree M.Com with 68% marks. He has secured 75% marks in class 12 and 66% marks in B.Sc. He was born on June 2, 1986.
    A. 12.5 km
    B. 10.5 km
    C. 10 km
    D. 25 km
    E. 3 km
  3. Rohit travels 18 km North turns left and travels 5 km and then again turns right and covers another 9 km. He then turns to right hand side and travels another 5 km. How far is he from the point of starting his journey?
    A. 22.5 km
    B. 7.5 km
    C. 6 km
    D. 15 km
    E. None of these
  4. Ajay and Binod both start from a point towards North. Ajay turns to left after walking 18 km. Binod turns to right after walking the same distance. Ajay waits for some time and then walks another 9 km, whereas Binod walks only 6 km. They both then come back to their respective South and walk 25 km forward. How far is Ajay from Binod?
    A. 22.5 km
    B. 15 km
    C. 12 km
    D. 18 km
    E. None of these
  5. There is a ring road connecting cities A,B, C & D. The road is in a circular form but having several approach roads leading to the center. There is a pole exactly in the centre of the ring road which is 15 km from point A on the circular road. Starting from A, You have taken a complete round of the circular road and finish at the same point after touching points B, C and D. You then drive 15 km interior towards the Pole from point A and from there reach somewhere in between B and C on the ring road. Find the distance you have to travel from the pole to reach the point between Band C on the ring road.
    A. 45 km
    B. 22.5 km
    C. 120 km
    D. 60 km
    E. 15 km
DIRECTIONS for questions 6 – 7:
If Rohan starts driving from a point towards north & after he has covered 6 kms he turn to his left side and drive 7 km, and then again turn to his left end and walk 11 km and then turn to left again and walk another 8 km and before finishing he takes another left turn & walk 3 km, then answer following questions.
  1. How many kms is he from the place he started his journey (approximately)?
    A. 1 km
    B. 3 km
    C. 2 km
    D. 4 km
    E. None of these
  2. In which direction will he be running before Last turn?
    A. East
    B. West
    C. North
    D. South
    E. None of these
DIRECTIONS for questions 8 – 10: Study the given information and answer the following questions.
  • There are six cities Atlanta, Barbados, Chicago, Detroit, Eiffel and Frankfurt.
  • Detroit is 40 kms to the North of Frankfurt which is 60 kms to the North-East of Barbados.
  • Atlanta is 20 kms west of Eiffel and 40 kms to the South-West of Chicago.
  • Barbados, Atlanta and Eiffel are in straight line in the same order.
  • Barbados and Eiffel are 70 kms apart from each other.
  1. Which city is farthest to the South-West of Detroit?
    A. Atlanta
    B. Eiffel
    C. Chicago
    D. Detroit
    E. Barabdos
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  2. Which city is the nearest and to the North-East of Eiffel?
    A. Atlanta
    B. Barbados
    C. Chicago
    D. Detroit
    E. 5.None of these
  3. If a train travels from Eiffel to Detroit via Atlanta, Barbados and Frankfurt, how much distance it will have to cover?
    A. 140 km
    B. 240 km
    C. 200 km
    D. 170 km
    E. 5.None of these
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