Average Practice Problems: Level 01

Q.1. Find the average of numbers 87, 84, 86, 90, 82, 88, 78.
A. 85
B. 84
C. 83
D. 82
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Q.2. The average of 4 terms is 20 and the 1st term is 1/3 of the remaining terms. What will be the first number?
A. 30
B. 20
C. 60
D. 80
Q.3. The average age of A, B and C was 25 years and that of B and C was 25 years. A’s present age is:
A. 30 years
B. 25 years
C. 40 years
D. 42 years
Q.4. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is n. If the next two numbers are included, the average will
A. increased by 2
B. remains the same
C. increased by 1
D. increased by 2
Q.5. For 9 innings, Boman has an average of 75 runs. In the tenth inning, he scores 100 runs, thus increasing his average . His new average is
A. Rs. 75
B. Rs. 100
C. Rs. 72
D. Rs. 77.5
Q.6. For 9 innings, Roman has an average of 65 runs. In the tenth inning, he scores 200 runs, thus increasing his average . His average increased by
A. 78.5
B. 72
C. 13.5
D. 77.5
Q.7. In a family of 8, the men eat on average 72kg of food and women eat on an average 50kg of food. The men and women are equal in number. A hungry woman named Neetu joined the family for dinner and the average consumption became 67.How much did Neetu eat (in kgs)?
A. Rs. 115
B. Rs. 80
C. Rs. 90
D. Rs. 85
Q8. In a hotel, the tariff for every odd dates is Rs.1000 and for even dates is Rs. 2000. If the man paid total of 30000 in all. For how many days did he stay in the hotel given that the first day is 5th date of the month?
A. 50
B. 20
C. 40
D. 60
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Q9. The average of 5 terms is 50. If the first 4 terms are 45, 42, 119, and 84, what will be the last term?
A. 56
B. -20
C. -40
D. -50
Q10. If the average number of 8 terms is given to be 40 and the average of first 6 terms is given to be 35.What is the average of the remaining 2 terms?
A. 30
B. 55
C. 40
D. 42
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