Average Practice Problems: Level 02

Q.1. The average marks of 13 papers is 40. The average marks of the first 7 papers are 42 and that of the last seven papers is 35. Find the marks obtained in the 7th paper.
A. 23
B. 38
C. 19
D. 57
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Q.2. Mukul has earned as an average of 4,200 dollars for the first eleven months of the year. If he justifies his staying in the US on the basis of his ability to earn at least 5000 dollars per month for the entire year, then how much should he earn (in dollars) in the last month to achieve his required average for the whole year?
A. 14600
B. 13800
C. 12,800
D. 11800
Q.3. The average of x, y and z is 45. x is as much more than the average as y is less than the average. Find the value of z.
A. 45 years
B. 35 years
C. 60 years
D. 15 years
Q.4. The average for some number of terms (say ‘n’ ) is zero. How many maximum numbers of terms can be negative?
A. 0
B. n
C. n+1
D. n-1
Q.5. The average salary of 30 officers in a firm is Rs.120 and the average salary of laborers is Rs. 40. Find the total number of laborers if the average salary of the firm is Rs. 50.
A. Rs. 180
B. Rs. 420
C. Rs. 240
D. Rs. 210
Q.6. In a class, the average marks of 40 students was calculated to be 52.15. It was later discovered that the marks of a student were taken to be 49, instead of 85. Find the real average of the class.
A. 53.05
B. 53.15
C. 52.85
D. 52.95
Q.7. For 9 innings, Aman has a certain run rate. In the tenth inning, he scores 100 runs, thereby increasing his run rate by 8 runs. What is his new run rate?
A. Rs. 22
B. Rs. 26
C. Rs. 28
D. Rs. 32
Q8. The average of 5 consecutive numbers is n. What will be the average if the next two numbers are included?
A. n+2
B. n-1
C. n-2
D. n+1
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Q9. In 40 overs game, in first 20 overs of a game of cricket, the run rate was only 5. What should be the run rate for the remaining overs so that the total score reaches 300?
A. 15
B. 10
C. 28
D. 20
Q10. The average weight of 39 men travelling to Ladakh is 30. If an obese man with weight 130 kg join them. What will be the average weight of the people travelling to Ladakh?
A. 52
B. 30
C. 32.5
D. 130
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