Tips to handle Cloze Test

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Questions based on Cloze test often feature in various competitive exams. With a few tricks and tips, you will be able to gain accuracy in such questions.
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What is a Cloze Test?
A cloze test is an exercise where a passage is provided with certain words missing from it. Actually it is a combination of fill in the blanks and reading comprehension. It is important to understand the flow and context of a passage.
Tips to handle Cloze test
  • Read thoroughly: Read the passage thoroughly to get an idea of the passage. Read slowly and gain an understanding of the text. Once the theme of the paragraph is clear, it becomes easy to fill in the blanks.
  • Link the sentences together: Always remember, it is a passage, so the sentences are linked to one another. Never make a mistake of treating every sentence an individual one.
  • Type of word to fill in: Look at the blanks carefully and try to assess which kind of word to put in the blank. Words can be based on grammar, prepositions, tenses, vocabulary etc.
  • Tone: Passage may contain some specific tone like narrative, critical, sarcastic, humorous etc. So, always make a right choice of a word.
  • Negate options: Sometimes, words are too close, eliminating wrong choices can help.
  • Key words: Pay close attention to key words/ clues in the sentences before and after the given blank.
Sample Cloze Tests
Example 1:
Much has happened in the intervening years. It has become harder, __1__, to discern the true meaning of human cloning. We have in some sense been softened up to the idea-through movies, cartoons, jokes, and intermittent commentary in the mass media, some serious, most light hearted. We have become__2__ donation, and surrogate pregnancy. Animal biotechnology has __3__ transgenic animals and a __4__ science of genetic engineering, easily transferable to humans. Even more important, changes in the broader culture now make it __5__ to express a common and respectful understanding of sexuality, procreation, nascent life, family, and the meaning of motherhood, fatherhood, and the links between the generations.
    1. Not easy
    2. Not easier
    3. Too
    4. Not softer
    5. Awry
    1. Mindful of
    2. Aware of
    3. Careful of
    4. Accustomed to
    5. Kept on
    1. Grown
    2. Given
    3. Yielded
    4. Yielded to
    5. Flow
    1. Strange
    2. New
    3. Marching
    4. Burgeoning
    5. Becoming
    1. Manageable
    2. Much easier
    3. Surprisingly
    4. Vastly more difficult
    5. Attract
Solution: 1. B 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. B
The paragraph talks about human cloning and the author is optimistic about the growing age as it has learnt a lot of things through media. So, there is a soft linkage between the generations which is overwhelming. Now, looking at first blank, it says “harder, not easier”, we need to choose something opposite to harder. In second blank, out of the given options, “accustomed to donation” fits in well. In third blank, ‘yielded’ is a better option than others. In fourth blank, “burgeoning means expanding” which suits well and in the last blank, ‘much easier’ fits in well as the paragraph ends in a positive tone.
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Example 2:
But it’s getting __1__ to stand out through the product innovation alone- and the advantages, when they occur, are becoming more ephemeral- so we come to the second differentiation tactic: sharpening organizational focus on customers. This approach can help a company __2__ itself in a number of ways, from creating new products or services for specific customer segments to personalized service. A __3__ in emphasis from products to customers can be challenging, as it might entail __4__ changes in company structure, processes and ultimately culture. Nonetheless, even industries that have relied primarily on product innovation are __5__ the importance of gearing their organizational processes more directly to the needs of end customers.
    1. Nowhere
    2. Difficult
    3. Manageable
    4. Tougher
    5. Stronger
    1. Help
    2. See
    3. Re-invent
    4. Distinguish
    5. Glory
    1. Shift
    2. Progress
    3. Rise
    4. Formulation
    5. Call
    1. Many
    2. Fundamental
    3. Slow
    4. Small
    5. Format
    1. Showing
    2. Discovering
    3. Trumpeting
    4. Getting
    5. Glimpse
Solution: 1. D 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. B
The paragraph talks about the product in which the advantages are unable to attract customers, so the company wants a shift in focus to customers again. In the first blank, the choice is in between difficult or tougher. We can see that in the continuation of line, it is saying “more ephemeral” which means comparative degree is being used; hence, tougher should be there. In the second blank, ‘distinguish” suits well. In the third blank, there is a shift being talked about from focusing customers than products. In the fourth blank, ‘fundamental’ fits in well and in the last blank, ‘discovering’ is a better option than others.
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