Commonly Confused Words: Exercise 2

    1. One of the big misapprehensions about mathematics that we (A) perpetrate / (B) perpetuate in our classrooms is that the teacher always seems to know the answer to any problem that is discussed
    2. The Iran government attempts to distract (A) populace/ (B) populous from protesting in the streets.
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    4. Soon a civil war erupted between the red and white (A) factions/ (B) fractions, which was to continue for several years, with the Bolsheviks ultimately victorious.
    5. When Manoj was introduced to the Suzanne, he realized that he had committed an embarrassing (A) gaffe / (B) gaff when he didn't pronounce her name correctly.
    6. In a passage of his much-misunderstood novel The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie writes of the (A) eclectic / (B) ecliptic hybridized nature of the Indian artistic tradition.
    1. ABBBA
    2. BABAA
    3. AAAAA
    4. ABBAB
    1. Daisy might have been contemptuous (A) / contemptible (B) of convention, but she was not prepared for the decadence of the British upper classes
    2. And unlike other pollutants, no effective, commercially practicable (A) / practical (B) control technology exists.
    3. He stresses that there is a huge difference between slang and dialectal (A) / dialectical (B) colloquialisms.
    4. This point is underlined at the exhibition by the inclusion of contemporaneous (A) / contemporary (B) works of rivals such as Kitagawa Utamaro.
    5. A consultant last week raised hopes among the residents that there might be an alternate (A)/ alternative (B) to rerouting freight trains through city neighbourhoods.
    1. BBAAA
    2. BAABA
    3. ABBAB
    4. AAAAB
    1. The children simply could not forbear (A) / forebear (B) laughing in the library.
    2. The boat foundered (A) / floundered (B) on a shoal in the storm.
    3. The politician got elected by pandering (A) / pampering (B) to special interest groups.
    4. I'm too perspicacious (A) / perspicuous (B) to be taken in by such a ruse.
    5. Anita is so profligate (A) / prolific (B) that she spent the entire million dollars she won in the lottery in one year.
    1. AAABA
    2. BAAAA
    3. ABABA
    4. AAAAA
    1. Some would say that the price of gas is rising because of (A) / due to (B) corporate greed. The meeting started 30 minutes late because of (A) / due to (B) a late delivery of doughnuts. His frustration was due to (A) / because of (B) the mucked up windscreen.
    2. Due to (A)/ Because of (B) overcrowding last year, the competition field was narrowed down to six teams.
    3. Our late arrival was because of (A) / due to (B) the heavy traffic.
    1. AAABA
    2. BBAAB
    3. AAABB
    4. AABAA
    1. Rulers who are loved and praised are eventually (A) / ultimately (B) feared and ultimately (A) / eventually (B) despised.
    2. He sent us a small remembrance (A) / reminiscence (B), a bell, of his visit to Switzerland
    3. She ignored her father’s look of reproof (A) / reprove (B).
    4. The Board of Directors will agree with (A) / agree to (B) your joining the team on certain conditions.
    1. AAAAB
    2. AABBA
    3. BBBAB
    4. BBAAA
    1. Hooligans often take care to evade (A) / avoid (B) police escorts and slip into rival territories.
    2. They admit to deep frustration in the face of massive government corruption and collusion (A) / cooperation (B) on the part of many police and officials in the drug trade.
    3. You will notice that some of the houses have been designed especially (A) / specially (B) for older people.
    4. Users are not a homogenous (A) / homogeneous (B) group and their needs may conflict.
    5. Members of the last parliament were not immune to (A)/ immune from (B) prosecution for corruption even if they had been re-elected.
    1. AAAAB
    2. ABAAB
    3. AABAB
    4. AABAA
    1. A nice lunch was served up (A)/served out (B) there at the function.
    2. We should jest with (A)/at (B) the communal thing.
    3. I hesitate to compare my own works to (A) / with (B) those of someone like Dickens.
    4. He embarked in (A)/on (B) the new business with the full fervor.
    5. She expressed disgust at (A) / with (B) the government’s failure to act.
    1. BBBAB
    2. AAABA
    3. BABAA
    4. ABABA
    1. We have already discussed this point in foregoing (A)/forgoing (B) lessons.
    2. The eruption (A)/ irruption (B) of Mughals destroyed the glory of the Ottoman Empire.
    3. Her anger was righteous (A)/rightful (B) as no one can tolerate such an insult.
    4. I cannot adopt an attitude of servility (A)/servitude (B) to get the promotion.
    5. Mahatma Gandhi led a godly (A)/ god-like (B) life.
    1. ABAAA
    2. BABAA
    3. AABAA
    4. AAABA
    1. The technical school promised formal classroom instruction that would be a valuable enjoin (A) / adjunct (B) to the on-the-job training and experience.
    2. Her new fitness program included no injunction (A) / disjunction (B) against drinking beer and wine, she was glad to see
    3. The company was taking steps to limit the funds it was expending (A) / expatiating (B) on health-care costs and disability benefits.
    4. The defendant averred (A) / aversed (B) that she was nowhere near the scene of the crime on the night in question.
    5. With her first job she discovered the duplicity (A) / dichotomy (B) between the theories she’d been taught and the realities of professional life.
    1. AABAA
    2. BBAAB
    3. BAAAB
    4. BAABB
    1. The doctor prognosis(A)/diagnosis(B) for a full recovery pleased the patient very much.
    2. The Forum for Good Governance expressed serious doubts over the feasibility(A) /plausibility(B) of the Godavari drinking water project as it suffered from lack of funds, water and power.
    3. Good paintings are vivid(A)/livid(B) expressions of cultural and social life of the Gond tribesmen of Madhya Pradesh.
    4. Perspicacious (A)/Perspicuous(B)observations of the critic made the novel all the more popular and its sale touched a new height.
    1. BBAA
    2. BAAB
    3. AAAA
    4. BABA
    1. The police officers persecute(A)/prosecute(B) female Falun Gong practitioners shamelessly.
    2. I felt Nauseated(A)/Nauseous(B) this morning when I read about the news of mass killings in Syria
    3. That is how the holy river came to represent a gateway to purity and absolution(A)/abolution(B).
    4. Police raided a bar and arrested at least five girls, allegedly a part of immoral(A) /amoral(B) trafficking, along with bar employees.
    1. BAAB
    2. AAAB
    3. BBBA
    4. ABAA
    1. The Supreme Court’s actions have put a spotlight on online rummy industry, which has become a vocation(A)/avocation(B) for thousands of Indians and a pastime for lakhs of casual players.
    2. Some campaign members were arrested when they beseeched (A)/besieged(B) the Head Post Office to highlight their demands.
    3. Use a cutting broach(A)/brooch(B) to open the hole for the new bearing.
    4. It pays to research the corporate scenario and talk to erstwhile colleagues about the internal environment to apprise(A)/appraise(B) yourself of changes, if any, in your absence.
    1. BBAA
    2. ABAA
    3. BBBB
    4. AABA
    1. Senior officers said the police will seek the help of the media to track down the arrant(A)/errant(B) advocates.
    2. They have to abjure(A)/adjure (B)violence and then we can work out the process of talks and we will advise the State governments to talk to them.
    3. The scene which exhilarates(A)/accelerates(B) tourists is competition among tortoises to stake claim over leftover foods on concrete steps of the tank.
    4. The compounds that adjoin(A)/adjourn(B) each separate family compound are usually housed by further members of the extended family.
    1. BAAA
    2. ABBB
    3. BBAB
    4. AAAB
    1. As proof of his prophetic (A)/pathetic (B) powers, extracts from his writings were posted on the internet and reproduced by editors around the world.
    2. Celebrating its ‘Arab Spring’ and free elections, Egypt is all set to emulate(A)/imitate (B)some of the best election management practices of India.
    3. They accused him of trying to foment(A)/ferment(B) a revolution and threw him in jail for treason.
    4. Many of them are still shy and diffident(A)/dissident (B) but most walk tall and earn good money as doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers and businessmen.
    1. BBAA
    2. ABAB
    3. AAAA
    4. BBAB
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    1. The government has invited applications for the monthly assistance given for indigent (A)/indigenous(B) and senior artistes.
    2. A seminar on ‘Cities and climate change' has stressed the need for judicious(A)/judicial (B)choice of building materials as they have serious implications on the environment.
    3. Despite such a profit, it is Insidious (A)/invidious(B)on their part to hesitate to give 10 per cent of production to public distribution system.
    4. Unmoved by the impetuous(A)/vehement (B)opposition from his own party, railway minister stood by the passenger fare hike, saying he had pulled the state transporter out of deep trouble.
    1. AABB
    2. BABA
    3. ABAB
    4. BBAA
1. C Perpetrate is correct as it means to be responsible for; commit. Perpetuate means to cause to continue indefinitely.
In 2nd sentence- Populace means common people. Populous means containing many people or inhabitants. Hence (A) is correct. We are looking for conflict, hence A is correct.
Faction means - Conflict within an organization or nation. Fraction means- A small part; a bit. Eclectic means selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas. Ecliptic means ‘The great circle representing the apparent annual path of the sun; the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun; makes an angle of about 23 degrees with the equator’.
Gaffe means a socially awkward or tactless act. Gaff is an iron hook with a handle for landing large fish.
2. D One who feels or expresses contempt is contemptuous. Something deserving of contempt is contemptible.
Practical means (1) of or relating to practice, (2) capable of being put to good use, (3) concerned with ordinary, tangible things, and (4) being such for all useful purposes. Practicable means capable of being done.
Dialect means a variety of a language peculiar to a particular region or group. Dialectic means, mainly, (1) the art or practice of finding truth through logical argument and (2) the process of change through the interaction of contradictory forces. It’s often used synonymously with logic or philosophy. Contemporary usually applies to people or small groups of people. Contemporaneous usually applies to events, movements, or trends.
Alternative means (1) allowing a choice between two or more things, or (2)existing outside traditional institutions. The main adjectival definitions of alternate are (1) happening in turns, (2) every other or second one of a series, and (3) serving or used in place of another. Something that is alternate substitutes for the original, while something that is alternative provides a choice without replacing the original.
3. D Forbear means "to refrain from", A forebear is an ancestor or forefather
Founder means "to run aground", Flounder means "to move clumsily, with difficulty" or "to blunder"
To pamper is to coddle, or treat with indulgence, To pander is to cater to the base needs of others, to sell out
Perspicacious means "mentally astute, acutely perceptive, A perspicuous means "clearly and lucidly presented, easily grasped", as a perspicuous article on toads. Also be careful not to confuse this word with conspicuous "standing out, easily perceived".
Profligate is to be wasteful and extravagant: Prolific means "abundant, fruitful, producing much": John Grisham is a prolific writer
4. C Option 3. Due to is an adjectival prepositional phrase, meaning it modifies a noun. Because of is an adverbial prepositional phrase, meaning it modifies a verb. Because of answers the question WHY ?.
1. His defeat was due to the lottery issue. ( here due to modifies the noun defeat)
2. He was defeated because of the lottery issue. ( here because of modifies the verb was defeated)
Because of answers the question WHY ?
Using the above information to the question -
In sentences 1, 2 and 4 because of modifies the verbs is rising, started and was narrowed.. While in sentences 3 and 5, due to modifies the nouns – our arrival and his frustration.
5. A Option 1. The adverb eventually refers to an unspecified time in the future.
Ultimately means "in the end”.
Reminiscence means the recalling of past events and experiences.
Remembrance is a thing given or kept in memory of somebody or something.
Reproof means an expression of censure or rebuke, while reprove means to disapprove strongly.
Agree with something - to reach the same opinion on something, to decide something.
Agree to something – to say YES; to say that one is willing to do something for something to happen. Over here, the board has assented to your joining, hence ‘agree to.’
6. A Correct Option: AAABB
Evade has a similar meaning to avoid, and typically applies to a duty or commitment with the implication of guile or trickery. Cooperation has a positive meaning. Collusion invariably suggests some kind of secrecy or underhand methods of objectives in what is being described.
Especially means in particular or more than in other cases. Specially means for a special purpose.
Homogeneous means of the same kind, forming a consistent whole. Homogenous is a word in biology meaning having a common descent.
The basic meaning of immune is free from the effects or consequences of. You use immune to when it refers to disease, or to some other form of attack or risk of harm. You use immune from when it refers to some kind of obligation or liability (especially a legal one).
7. D To serve up is to dish out food.
To jest at is to make fun of.
The preposition ‘on’ is usually used with ‘embark’
To has traditionally been preferred when the similarity between two things is the point of the comparison and compare means ‘liken’. With, on the other hand, suggests that the differences between two things are as important as, if not more important than, the similarities.
Disgust at something and disgust for / with somebody.
8. A Foregoing = go before. Forgo = to let go.
Eruption = bursting out. Irruption = invasion. Righteous = just. Rightful = just claim.
Servility = flattery. Servitude = slavery.
Godly = pious. God-like = like god.
9. C Option 3.Adjunct means something joined or added to another thing of which it is not a part. Enjoin means order: give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority.
Injunction – warning, direction or prohibition regarding an activity. Disjunction is a break, separation or sharp differences between two things.
Expending means to pay out of use up. Expatiate means elaborate: add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way.
Aver means to state positively as true; declare. Averse is an adjective and cannot be used as a noun. Averse means opposed, disinclined, or loath
Dichotomy means something with qualities that contradict each other. Duplicity means deception by pretending to feel and act one way while acting in another.
10. C Diagnosis is the investigation or identification of a problem, illness, etc; Prognosis is the prospect of recovery after an illness or difficult situation
Feasible means possible to do; Plausible, on the other hand, means possibly true, believable or realistic
Livid means considerably angry;Vivid means highly colorful or creating a strong impression usually positive
Perspicacious means Having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted /having or showing an ability to notice and to understand things that are difficult or not obvious. Perspicuous , on the other hand, means clearly expressed or presented; easy to understand
11. D Persecute means to annoy or bother someone or to treat unfairly or cruelly;prosecute on the other hand means to initiate legal action against a crime
Nauseated means to have felt very upset; to have had an upset stomach causing someone to feel like vomiting; Nauseous, on the other hand, means causing severe upset or disgust.
Ablution refers to a washing of one’s body; Absolution, on the other hands, represents a freeing from sin, guilt, or blame
Amoral means neither moral nor immoral; that is, not showing concern for what is right or wrong in human behavior; Immoral, on the other hand, means contrary to established social principles; corrupt, evil, wrong
12. B Avocation is an activity taken up in addition to one’s regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment; a hobby. Vocation is a regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified
Beseech is to beg or request in an urgent and anxious manner; Besiege , on the other hand, means ‘to worry, harass, distress, or to present a request.
Broach is a pointed tool for making holes; Brooch, on the other hand, is an ornamental pin used on one’s clothing
Appraise means to place a value on; to judge the worth of something; Apprise means to inform or to give notice to someone about something; to notify
13. A Arrant is used to emphasize that someone or something is an extreme example of that which is unacceptable; Errant, on the other hand, means roving or wandering
Abjure something is to renounce it or abstain from it, with the implication that this is done publicly; Adjure someone to do something is to request them solemnly to do it
Accelerate means to make anything in motion move faster; Exhilarate, on the other hand, means to cause someone to feel very happy and excited
Adjoin means ‘to be next to; to be in contact with; Adjourn, on the other hand, means ‘to put off or to suspend until a future time
14. C Pathetic means arousing or capable of arousing sympathetic feelings of sadness and compassion; Prophetic on the other hand, means foretelling events as if by divine inspiration
Imitate means to reproduce someone’s behavior or looks; Emulate is a more specialized word with a purely positive function, meaning to try to equal or match
Ferment means To undergo or to cause the gradual decomposition of an organic compound induced by enzymes, bacteria, yeast, etc or A situation in which there is much excitement and confusion caused by some kind of change; Foment, on the other hand, means to cause or to try to cause the growth or development of something bad or harmful
Diffident means hesitant, lacking in self confidence; Dissident means not having the same opinion as other individuals or groups
15. A Indigenous is native to a place, existing or produced naturally in a region; Indigent is poor, needy, lacking money; poverty; destitute
Judicial means relating to a judge, to a legal court system, or to the judiciary; Judicious, on the other hand, means showing sound judgment
Insidious means the gradual onslaught of an illness or disease in such a manner that it is entrenched before being discovered; Invidious , on the other hand, means that which may cause discontent, envy, jealousy, or resentment
Impetuous means marked by impulsiveness, often without forethought; Vehement , on the other hand, means marked by powerful and deeply felt feelings
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