Sentence Completion: Practice Questions

DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 14: Complete the sentence by filling in the appropriate blank/blanks from the options provided.
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  1. Challenges must be __________ to realize the _________ of a greater regional economic integration.
    1. Overcome....Potential
    2. Suppressed....power
    3. Ignored....benefits
    4. Sustained....Advantages
    5. Attempted....battles
  2. He’s got a sharp ________. He might just get into trouble, if he isn’t careful.
    1. Tongue
    2. Mouth
    3. Intellect
    4. Vision
    5. Brain
  3. We had lunch _____ a Chinese restaurant yesterday
    1. In
    2. On
    3. At
    4. Inside
    5. Around
  4. Vinod is clearly _________ when it comes to speaking English.
    1. To a disadvantage
    2. At a disadvantage
    3. From a disadvantage
    4. In a disadvantage
    5. On a disadvantage
  5. It was clear that there was no rationale behind his act; he went solely by his _____ and somehow succeeded.
    1. Logic
    2. Interpretation
    3. Intuition
    4. Analysis
    5. Compass
  6. For silent movies to succeed, the quality of acting has to be___ as there are no ______ dialogues or music for support.
    1. Mediocre...engaging
    2. Sublime...intimate
    3. Realistic...melodramatic
    4. Substantial...vehement
    5. Extraordinary...mesmerizing
  1. Sports for the visually challenged _____ their confidence and help them to mingle with the _______ of society.
    1. enrich .....stalwarts
    2. plummet.....elite
    3. boost.....mainstream
    4. abate.....cream
  2. Every minister must be made_______ to the public for his/her acts of omission and commission.
    1. menacing
    2. acceptable
    3. approachabler
    4. accountable
    5. dispensable
  3. Suresh is a _________ who can dupe even the not so gullible.
    1. smooth operator
    2. perfect gentleman
    3. knowledgeable person
    4. jack of all trades
    5. blabbermouth
  4. The news is too good _______.
    1. to be bad
    2. to be acceptable
    3. to be true
    4. and can be credible
    5. to know
  5. I have never _____ such a problem and therefore confess I have no_______ to it.
    1. left alone....inhibitions
    2. chickened at ....solution
    3. dreaded...panacea
    4. come across....ready-made answer
    5. marveled at ..... Compulsions
  6. Our job as teachers is to _______ the thirst for knowledge and _____ the spark of enthusiasm.
    1. quench....Ignite
    2. substantiate.....quell
    3. sensitize....douse
    4. sustain .... mitigate
    5. abate .... celebrate
  7. At a time when most charities seem to think of _____ increasing their capital, Warren Buffet’s stipulation that what he gifts must be spent within ten years comes as a _______ announcement.
    1. perennially ..... contradictory
    2. merely.....surprise
    3. eternally ..... Involuntary
    4. sporadically.....refreshing
    5. constantly ..... landmark
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  9. Technology may have changed the way alliances are fixed in India (now at the click of a button) but the___ still is arranged marriages with even most youngsters ______ the practice.
    1. preference....loathing
    2. norm ..... endorsing
    3. practice....Customizing
    4. convention....disdaining
    5. tradition.....avoiding
  10. The Maruti has become so ______ that snobbish customers, who believe their tastes are superior to others, are ________ buy this car of the masses
    1. reputed....shirking from
    2. sought after.... queuing to
    3. ubiquitous .... disinclined to
    4. affordable .... waiting to
    5. convenient .... craving to
Sentence Completion Test
1. A Challenges must be overcome it will not be suppressed, ignored or sustained so it eliminates A, B and C.
And potential fits in the second blank.
Hence option A
2. A It can be mouth and brain. vision and intellect are postive and cant get into trouble. co option B,C,D and E gets eliminated. Hence option A
3. C We had lunch at a chinese restaurant yesterday. grammetically correct sentence. Hence option 3
4. B Key words: clearly, speaking english. the sentance is negative so it should be at a disadvantage it cannot be to, in,from or on disadvantage grammetically wrong. Eliminate option A,C,D,E. Hence option B.
5. C Key words: no rationale. The blank must take a word that opposes this theme of rationality.
6. E Key words: for support. Both the blanks must take positive and strong words.
7. C Key words: help them to mingle with. A positive word must fill the first blank.
8. D Every minister must be made¬ accountable to the public for his/her acts of omission and commission. Accountable means to be responsible for one’s decisions or actions.
Menacing means threatening. Acceptable and approachable do not fit the context.
9. A Suresh is a smooth operator who can dupe even the not so gullible.
The key part of the sentence is the expression ‘even the not so gullible’, which indicates that a negative word or expression will fit the blank.
10. C The news is too good to be true. The word ‘too’ indicates an excess. Hence, option c is the answer.
11. D I have never come across such a problem and therefore confess I have no ready-made answer to it. The logic is that since this person has never encountered such a problem earlier he has no ready-made answer to it.
12. A Our job as teachers is to quench the thirst for knowledge and ignite the spark of enthusiasm. The word quench relates to thirst while ignite relates to spark.
13. E Though constantly, perennially and eternally are synonyms yet constantly fits the blank best as it simply means continuously, whereas perennially and eternally mean everlasting and are too strong for the given context.
A landmark announcement is an important announcement.
14. B The conjunction but indicates a contrast. Technology may have changed something but still something has not changed and that is the practice/norm of arranged marriages.
Youngsters too support this practice. Therefore, ‘endorsing’ fits the second blank best.
15. C A snobbish person considers himself to be superior. He thus will not go in for something common (ubiquitous).
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