Cloze Test: Practice Problems - 1

DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 15: In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
The warning against carbon emissions, which is (1) the Earth, just got more urgent. The UN Human Development Report said on Tuesday that (2) the global community agreed to (3) emissions by half by 2050, the world would face huge economic setbacks and also ecological (4). "We are on the (5) of seeing human (6) for the first time in 30 years," Kevin Watkins, the author of the report was (7) as saying. The report said the poor nations would be hit the / as they are the least / to face nature's / manifest in devastating storms and droughts.
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    1. if
    2. Notwithstanding
    3. Because
    4. without
    5. unless
    1. cut
    2. aggravate
    3. enhance
    4. diminish
    5. eradicate
    1. step
    2. verge
    3. top
    4. extreme
    5. enshrinement
    1. quoted
    2. observed
    3. found
    4. interrogated
    5. defined
    1. best
    2. largest
    3. hardest
    4. least
    5. strongest
    1. worried
    2. engaged
    3. willful
    4. struggled
    5. equipped
    1. boon
    2. fury
    3. blessing
    4. deadline
    5. encroachment
Traditional bank architecture is based on bank branches. These branches ensure the physical (8) of a customer’s savings. A customer may go there to deposit and withdraw money, (9) loans and (10) in other financial transactions. In the past two decades the banking architecture has changed-the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) has been a big (11) and credit and debit card have created new financial spaces. (12) the bank branch has remained the bedrock of the banking system – after all a person needs a bank account in a branch before he can operate a debit or ATM card. This may be about to change as technocrats now (13) cell phones as the new architecture of virtual banks. This has the potential to make branches (14) Cell phone banking looks especially relevant for India since it can penetrate the countryside cheaply and (15). The world over cell phones are spreading at a (/) rate and in India alone new cell phone connections are growing at the rate of six million a month, a rate of customer (/) that no bank can dream of.
    1. knowledge
    2. security
    3. presence
    4. confidentiality
    5. guarantee
    1. pursue
    2. interact
    3. operate
    4. enable
    5. engage
    1. drawback
    2. interact
    3. operate
    4. luxury
    5. innovation
    1. essential
    2. obsolete
    3. extant
    4. retreat
    5. expired
    1. moderately
    2. occasionally
    3. compulsorily
    4. indiscriminately
    5. effectively
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    1. phenomenal
    2. gradual
    3. proportionate
    4. competitive
    5. projected
    1. phenomenal
    2. gradual
    3. proportionate
    4. competitive
    5. projected
    1. indigenous
    2. operational
    3. germane
    4. significant
    5. well-thought
1. E 'unless' the emmisions are cut by half, we are looking at the disaster.
2. A 'emissions' are cut.
3. B we are on border/at boundry/verge of ecological diasaters.
4. A it is stated or quoted in the report.
5. C the context says the poor/poor countries will be worst hit by this problem as they do not have enough resources to face the problems arising due to 'increase in carbon emissions'.
6. E poor will be least 'equipped' to face the problem due lack of resources.
7. B when weather phenomenons go out of control it is called 'nature's fury'.
8. B The branches ensure physical security.( Hint is look at the word savings of customer.)
9. E 'Engages' fits in with the preposition 'in'  as it means that customers can take other services offered. As he is not authorised by a bank so he will be not be enable or operate the acivities of a bank. 'Interact' is contextually wrong and grammatically wrong as preposition 'with' is required after the word 'interact'. After 'pursue' the preposition 'in' is wrong.
10. E The sentence talks about a change so innovation is the best fit with respect to banking architecture. As the context is positive so 'drawback' , a negative, will not come.
As context talks about 'change' in terms of delievering services so it cannot be a 'luxury'
'Interact'  and 'operate' are contextually wrong.
11. B Because cell phones are the new architecture of virtual banks so it has the potential of making branches obsolete. RETREAT' is to 'go back' aand this is not the situation here. 'extant' is 'existing' will not make any sense here. 'Essential' is exactly opposite to the context there it cannot come here.
12. E Cell phone banking has to penetrate the country side. So it has to be effective.
13. A The sentence continues as there being 6 million customers, which in itself is phenomenal
14. A The word that best fits the given context is indigenous, which means characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning/ originating where it is found. In this sentence, we need to showcase how the author is talking about a local fighter programme, Tejas, and how this is the only one that is India made. Since this is still being made according to the paragraph, none of the other words fit in the given context
15. A In this word, we need a negative word that highlights how the situation is particularly disturbing. Three choices represent negative emotions: (A), (D) and (E). In the given case, options (D) and (E) do not fit as the situation is not tragic or scandalizing.
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