Time Speed and Distance: Theory & Concepts

Basic Concepts and Theory:
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Donald Trump declared that he would build a wall at the Mexican border. Antonio Bandares, when he heard about the Trump wall, planned to go to San Francisco from Mexico City crossing border before the wall is built. He starts at 8 A.M. from Mexico City and wants to reach San Francisco at 10 A.M. He finds out that the total distance to be covered is 100 km and that has to be covered in 2 hours. So in order to cover the distance in 2 hours, he breaks the total distance in two equal parts i.e. 50 km each. So Antonio figured out that he has to cover 50 km every hour, thus his speed would be 50 km per hour. Similarly if he wanted to cover 700 km in 10 hours, he would break the total distance in 10 equal parts i.e. 70 km each. So he needs to cover 70 km every hour which would be his speed.
So Speed is basically how fast someone is moving. It is the distance travelled by a person, body or vehicle in a unit of time.
Fundamental Formulas:
  • The most important relationship between these three quantities to be known as formula for distance: Distance Travelled = Speed X Time
  • Formula for time is Time = Distance X Speed
  • The speed formula is Speed = Distance X Time and
Basic Conversions for Distance Time and Speed
  • Important time and distance Conversions
    1 km = 1000 m
    1 min = 60 sec
    1 yard = 3 feet
    1 meter = 100 cm
    1 hour = 3600 sec
    1 mile = 5280 feet
    1 hour = 60 min
    1 mile = 1760 yards
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  • Speed Calculator : Conversion of speed from km/hr to m/s
    1 km = 1000 m, 1 hr has 3600 sec. So 1 km/hr = 1000m/3600s = 5/18 m/s.
    To convert the speed from km/hr to m/s, multiply the speed by 5/18.
    To convert the speed from m/s to km/hr, multiply the speed by 18/5.
    e.g. Convert 36 km/hr into m/s → 36 km/hr = 36 × 5/18 = 10 m/s.
    e.g. Convert 20 m/s into km/hr → 20 m/s = 20 × 18/5 =72 km/hr.
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